You have six cubes. Each of the six sides on a cube has one letter on it, randomly taken from the word COLOUR (or COLORS if you prefer). A letter is randomly coloured with one of six colours.

Your goal is to spell COLOUR with the cubes/"dice", where each letter is a different colour.

This is a fine enough little puzzle. With multiple solutions it is surprisingly replayable, and you get to keep rolling the dice to start again. It is not one of those puzzles that will make you reach for the Tylenol.


Construction notes:

The construction situation is in an in-between state. Gettin' there. Buy blank dice. Put the letters on with markers (or felts, as they were called in my family). The letters will rub off, so the solution is bits of scotch tape, sealed up with nail polish. Solid, and surprisingly hard to notice it is there.

But there are bugs to work out. Colours are a conundrum. Orange looks like red, so orange is out. Lighter colours can be troublesome in practise, with yellow effectively invisible. But the darker colours are darker, which is .. I don't know. Handwriting is arguably an issue, stencil may help. There are those ink blobs too, scotch tape may help. But that's a hassle.

Printing with your computer printer on transparent plastic, sealed up with nail polish, has its advantages. You would get well-written letters at the press of a button, with fine-tuned colours, no ink blobs.


There are six die faces of each colour, six die faces of each letter, but they are distributed randomly among all six dice. We should get some Javascript to help with that.