You can find The Amazing Race Canada Season 3 at CTV. The prize last year was 250 grand, two trucks, plane rides around the world in executive, gas for life - altogether worth half a million. This year they have the 250 grand and the other prizes above, so the total prizes are worth a million dollars. I missed something. The pit stop prizes are supposed to be bigger.

The Winnipeg team is a pair of married older cops. Well, say goodbye to the prize for Winnipeg this year. They are going to merit respect for being experienced and mature and accustomed to working together, and police automatically get respect from me in this game (not soldiers for some reason). However, they will achieve x number of legs then lose because they are older.
The Winnipeg teams on the show always have a tooth-and-nail competitive attitude.

Si is in fact the French word for yes, used in a special situation that I can never remember.
Shouldn't it be "Race safely"?
Isn't "you got that" past tense?
This is interesting: The Italians in Montreal have a tight community with linguistic quirks. Watch how the man says "cuddlink". (Sabrina on Big Brother Canada Season 2 is another Montreal Italian).
Someone will have to explain to me what the word "book" means. I always thought it was something you read.

Episode 1 is a dizzying bunch of quick jump cuts. This is understandable given that you have more teams than ever, and they also have to make room to introduce the teams. Teams had to read out a sportscast at TSN. As far as I know that is original, has never been done before. One team came last as a result of a handicap, and the second last team had an entirely different handicap for the same task. It feels unfair, although it isn't (I would structure things differently!). That water challenge was probably harder than it looked to you, as it involved heights, swimming, that log rolling that looked dangerous to me (I was half right with my prediction) topped off with cooler temperatures.

For Episode 3 the entertainment level went up compared to the previous episodes. There was local flavour in Argentina, a nice mix of activities, and a nailbiter 3-way finish. Blind soccer - which I assume is played with a noisy ball - is inherently interesting, and I remember talking about it with a visually-impaired man at the soccer field. He was from Peru and had also lived in Argentina. He told me the Argentinian team is known as "The Bats".

There has been some history on the Amazing Race of people who failed at something that was their job, most dramatically the hockey players last season. Will that continue?

In Episode 5 I lost track of the number of teams who were doomed for one reason or another. Like going to the hospital for example. That makes for good drama.
You use U-turns against trailing teams so that they come in last and are eliminated instead of you. Is it a little different here with the substantial prizes for leg winners?

Challenges involving cold can be interesting challenges. However..could there be a problem with exposing people to cold temperatures and making them cold? What about driving?
No shortage of water challenges this season.

There was a two-person team vs. team game. If that has ever been done in any Amazing Race before, I haven't seen it, or forgot it. Well, there was the Australia vs. New Zealand tug of war. Do the ARC producers read Oak Games?

Episode 6: Something I like about The Amazing Race is that people do things that they can tell people about after the show. Exhibit A is from ARC Season 1: "Yeah, we went up North and ate some muktuk in Nunavat". It does not have to be something spectacular.
Anyway, these players go one kilometre underground to do a challenge in a nickel mine. (Scientists are looking for the mysterious dark matter at that depth there in Sudbury, but that's not relevant here).
At the pit stop they are greeted by a local boy.



Episode 7 Takes place in Saskatchewan. My favourite leg of any international version of The Amazing Race took place in, of all places, Saskatchewan, during ARC Season 1. This time around there was more of a sense of the look of the land.
"Hoop dance. Yeah, I did that when I was in Saskatchewan. Those things are slippery."
I think it's a matter of time before an airline simulator challenge shows up.

Episode 8 takes place in Kolkota/Calcutta India. It may be colourful and exotic, but it's a challenging, frustrating place to run the race.
The connections to Canada in foreign countries are .. something to be used judiciously. For the record the yoga connection was new to me and interesting.

Episode 11 Well now I know what Spotted Lake is. Neat, small.
The tagline of this episode is "Cabotage". It's ugly, sad and .. kind of funny. The episode was surprisingly tense. People will be talking about this. Vicious or valid?
I've picked up that curling is a democratic sport. What I mean by that is anyone can play and enjoy it. Another team vs. team "faceoff".
I've never had anything bad to say about the product placement before, but it gets awkward here.

The season as a whole does not reach the stellar level of the first season. It didn't have character as much as the first or second season. The Finale was great, particularly the whole dramatic horserace aspect of it. There was a good number of challenges, starting with a unique, difficult height challenge. People should get an award for just attempting that. It's nice that they shook things up by not having another brain-hurting memory challenge. If you're fond of arithmetic, this season is for you. Somebody has good luck.

There was a lot gaming the system this season, finding inventive ways of messing with the rules of a challenge to get through a leg.