Runners is a game where two players take turns moving their runners on a board with shrinking options, until the last player who can move wins.

The board is a 7 x 7 grid. At the start there are 49 pieces on the board.



Each player has two runners. For the first turns players remove a piece from the board and put a runner in that position. For the rest of the game players take turns moving one of their runners. Runners move by leaping two spaces orthogonally (left, right, up, down) and must land on a space that contains a piece, which is then removed. The board is borderless, so if you go past the left side of the board you will wind up on the right side. The last player to move wins.


This is a blockade game without the bugs of other blockade game concepts.

There is a bunch of different ways to make this. I'm partial to using blue and yellow pieces as the runners. As a program this would make the borderless idea easy to grasp, but you would lose the pretty, clunky, tactile handmade game.


Runners example game / example game 2


If I were to retheme Runners (which I'm not) I would make it Bumblebee, bees going to flowers. I know from experience this would be quite pretty. Bees would be differentiated by orientation. The borderless board would make some thematic sense, going around the flowers.