Gamaroo secret challenges, questions and answers


Sometimes you get two questions for one challenge. You roll dice for each question answered correctly. If you roll twice you do not move twice; you choose the best roll and move that amount.

"Find the Ring" x 3

"Find the Ring" is not secret, but use envelopes to control the number of times they are done. In the envelopes it just says "See the book".

"Body" Physical challenges

- touch toes while keeping legs straight x 2
- five pushups in a row x 2

"Fear" Fear challenges:

- karaoke x 1
  This is a test of fear, so if you're pressed for time you don't have to do a complete song.
- trust fall x 2
  The player must keep his legs straight. Work out a protocol that is scary, safe and troublemaker-proof. A period of silence (is there anybody there?) and closed eyes are recommended.

"?" Mystery challenge

- Get the dog to do a trick
- Laugh challenge x 2
  Make the other team laugh within 60 seconds. A smile counts as a laugh, but you might as well try to make them laugh out loud.

Know Your Neighbour

- What is the birth date of the person to your left? Score 0-3 based on month, day, year, and move the amount of the score.
- What is the middle name of the person to your right?

"Word" Word Questions

Q: What word begins with "und" and ends with "und"?
A: underground
Q: Which word contains five "e"s?
     Clue 1: Pertains to animals
     Clue 2: Someone who deals with animals.
A: beekeeper
Q: Say "fish" in a non-English language.
Q: Say "shark" in a non-English language.
Q: How do you say "gold" in French?
A: Or
Q: How do you say "route" in French (other than route)?
     Hint: starts with p
A: parcours
Q: SECRET This is a pronunciation challenge masquerading as trivia. Listen carefully to the answer. AnTarCtica
     What island is the South Pole on? Hint: It's a continent.
A: Antarctica. For getting Antarctica you score one, for getting AnTarctica you score one and for getting AntarCtica you score one. You move a piece 1-3 positions depending on your score.
Q: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
     What is special about this sentence?
A: This uses every letter in the alphabet.
Q: What is the plural of Italian word paparazzo?
A: paparazzi
Q: What does German word Waschbär mean? Google translate
A: racoon
Q: What word starts with `e` ends with `e` and only has one letter in it?
A: envelope
Q: Sign the following using American sign language:
     I love you
     three letters

Silly Riddle:

Q: What do you call a cow with no legs?
A: ground beef
Q: Where does a snowman keep his money?
A: In a snowbank.
Q: What did the father buffalo say to his son when he left for school?
A: Bison!
Q: Why didn't the butterfly go to the dance?
A: Because it was a mothball.
Q: What did the banana say to the dog?
A: Nothing. Bananas can't talk.
Q: What dinosaur had the best vocabulary?
A: The thesaurus.
Q: What animal is always at a baseball game?
A: bat

Trivia Questions:

Q: What is a penny farthing?
A bicycle
Q: What is the Dutch reach?
A: When a driver gets out of a car he opens the door with the hand that is farthest from the door. This forces him to see if a bicycle is coming.
Q: What does Cat like to eat on the show Sam and Cat?
A: bibble
Q: Torchwood is an anagram for which long-running television show?
A: Doctor Who
Q: What did Ali Baba say to get into the cave containing treasure?
A: open sesame
Q: If a wave has a high frequency, is the wavelength big or small?
A: The wavelength would be small.
Q: Which flag is this?

    A) Newfoundland and Labrador
    B) Nova Scotia
    C) Nunavut
    D) None of the above

A: Newfoundland
Q: What is the largest marsupial carnivore?
A: tasmanian devil
Q: A myth is a female moth. True or false?
A: false
Q: How many legs does a daddy long legs have?
A: six
Q: Dracula came from Pennsylvania. True or false?
A: false


Q: What has holes, but can still can hold water?
A: sponge
Q: A bat and a ball cost $1.10. The bat costs one dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?
A: SECRET The answer is five cents. If the player said ten cents, the player gets a second chance, but the player must provide the answer and an explanation.
      Answer: The ball costs 5c. Not 10c. One dollar more than 10c is $1.10, $1.10 + 10c is $1.20 One dollar more than 5c is $1.05. The sum of which is $1.10.
Q: Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks?
A: Neither. They both weigh a pound.
Q: What's bright orange with green on top and sounds like a parrot?
A: a carrot
Q: I am an odd number. Take away a letter and I become even. What number am I?
A: seven
Q: What is hard to get in the desert?
     _ _ _
     three letters


What is the only word that is spelled wrong in the dictionary?
blade runner year
Where was Full Metal Jacket filmed?
Rearrange letters. Stage fright. Rubber chicken/duck. Goldfish. teddy bear.
What colour do you get when you mix b & y? b & g? Multiple rolls, choice.
don't fear the reaper / limbo
Q. What kind of running means walking
A. Running out of gas.
Carnivorous cat in Manitoba? lynx nah
The o'possum is a marsupial t/f. Could do platypus too.
Is (coral snake image) poisonous
What do you get when you cross a vampire and a snowman? A: Frost bite!
What is a tornado's favorite game to play? Twister!
Why do ducks have tail feathers? To cover their buttquacks.
A memory challenge, if that floats your boat.
GHOTI - laugh women national. People have a problem with that great riddle for some reason. It will take a while and people still won't get it. This could work if you ask how GHOTI is pronounced.
How do you say "green leaf" in elvish?
X can be recycled. True or false?
Lizards blink. True or false?
Name three cities in New York, excluding New York City.