Donald Trump is a narcissist. During Christmas I heard about the destruction caused by a narcissist lady, or at least mentally messed up and toxic lady married to a relative (not my relative).

My point here is that Meghan Markle, married to Prince Harry, is a narcissist. It is a fascinating story that has likely escaped your attention for one reason or another.

we believe we have cracked the mystery behind Megxit and Archie

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People might get a vague impression that Mrs. Markle and Prince Harry were treated badly by the firm, and media who invade their privacy, and there was racism toward Mrs. Markle. People go with this because, I don't know, that's what they are told, they have preconceptions, and people have better things to focus on. I can't explain why the media, including Canadian media, uncritically report on what Mrs. Markle and Prince Harry are up to.

There is a handful of YouTube channels that specialise in this issue, including Murky Meg, Celt Views, according2taz, others. These ladies synthesize the work of television, newspapers and books, together with their personal analysis and the hivemind of the Internet which will research things like the details of fake babies. If you wish you can go back to look at earlier material to get the whole story.

It's not one single thing, it's a tapestry of things. Like her alleged throwing hot tea at local staff while on a royal visit in Australia. Do SoCal ladies really smile like that? Check out how closely Mrs. Markle copied Princess Diana's clothes and other things. When you see it over and over you see how creepy it is, something not right upstairs. They got a fancy (and expensive) royal wedding, with all the best jewelry and clothes. Actually they had already decided to leave the United Kingdom. They invited various celebrities to the wedding. She did not invite her family, at least on her dad's side; she had ditched her family. Later she also ditched Prince Harry's family, and blamed them.

Back in her pre-royal Toronto days, Mrs. Markle allegedly remotely pretended to be her publicist. Donald Trump did that too.

There is the time Meghan Markle went to the Wimbledon tennis match, and the details of that event. The photo will tell you a lot.

Revenge of the Sussex survivors' club

This is an article from The Daily Mail about Mrs. Markle's alleged mistreatment of staff.


Consider the photo of Mrs. Markle in Vancouver island. They had moved from the United Kingdom to Canada. A key complaint from both of them was they wanted to get away from the press. Was this photo set up? Why is she smiling at the camera? There is a lot of speculation that the baby she is carrying is fake. Why did she not show the baby after she first gave birth? Also in the picture are her security people. Meghan and Harry left Canada for California during the time of covid. You would have to ask them why they did this. Note that Canada was doing better with covid than the United States, Canada has less of a paparazzi culture, and Canada stopped paying for their security.

Or consider the photo of "Meghan Harry suv" in Hollywood. Was this photo set up? They are pictured with a notably big Cadillac s.u.v., which guzzles gas. These are people who preach about being ecologically conscious, particularly with travel, although they are fond of using private jets.

Meghan Markle lies, deceives over and over. As a result I can't trust that anything she says is true. Remember when she said she had a miscarriage and got a lot of sympathy? I wonder if she made that up. I have zero evidence of this and I just don't know. But if you lie and deceive over and over, not least about babies, you can't be trusted to tell the truth.

It's strikingly similar to the behaviour of Donald Trump. It's all about making one mentally ill person look good, while everyone else is disposable, and it's about a web of lies, all a front. She is not like Mr. Trump because the latter did a whole bunch of criminal activity. Mr. Trump told audiences what they wanted to hear, had other people contribute money to a foundation and later political campaign that went who knows where, and he campaigned for high political office.