Various people have put up YouTube videos showing their local versions of The Amazing Race. You may want to see the wikipedia entry on Scavenger Hunt. These are earnest - you have to respect the organisation and work that went into them - but they do not have the production values of The Amazing Race.

Over in Vancouver they have The Amazing Hunt with various races. It's derivative, making use of other people's work, but I find it fun to watch. They're not big on censorship. Do they swear a lot in B.C.? That's repugnant.

They have The Great Race over in Chicago and Ohio. I'll let you decide how viewable it is, but the races are good. They like three-legged race type challenges. They have some well-rounded contestants.

Also in Chicago they have The Amazeballs Race. I find the Chicago hot dog challenge oddly charming, and the qwerty puzzle was inventive. And then there's the nice approach to trivia. These races look like fun on a social level.

I'm sure all these races are fine and fun to participate in, but they are typically not fun to watch. This is because of the way they are filmed, the nature of activities (the Achilles heel of TAR: Neighborhood Edition), or a large number of teams - but mostly the way they are filmed and other production issues.

Some of them have a social emphasis - crazy costumes are a giveaway - some are scavenger hunts taking you to different sights around your city, some are more puzzle-oriented, some have three-legged race type activities (those frivolous picnic activities), some have more sporty activities, and some are Spartan mud run torture tests. The Amazing Race tends to do work processes, like ironing clothes.

The Amazing Race: Neighborhood Edition is made by and for teenagers running around a New Mexico neighbourhood. It is surprisingly well organised. Here you can see their Easter egg decoding followed by ping pong challenge. This is a "Red Zone" challenge, a mechanism to reintroduce some eliminated players back in the game. Lots of decoding and such like this cute"neighborhood" word challenge. It looks hot down there.

Amazing Race Canada Media Edition

Urban Dare Check out their trivia start.

Urban Race Players choose their own routes.

City Chase a.k.a. Scion City Chase started in Toronto and became international.

Michigan Amazing Race is in many ways the opposite of the Neighborhood Edition. It features older players going a huge distance by car, and it always makes me think of wood ticks. There is a cute clip with digging up something at a beach that I have to hunt down. The channel also has a Cryptic Crawl with figuring out puzzles.

I liked the little star team puzzle in the Amazing Race Singapore.

the Oyster Race, for charity, has a physical emphasis.

obstacle course training I like the idea of a little ice water pool. And here is how they do things in Japan.

ABC's Expedition Impossible, entirely in Morocco, is a more rugged version of the Amazing Race. Here is the fantastic idea of opening a Moroccan puzzle box before getting the final prize.

If you want to see mostly female teenagers running around filming themselves doing some kind of scavenger hunt, you can do a YouTube search for "Amazing Race Toronto" or "Amazing Race Ottawa"