I watched the film What's New Pussycat, featuring the famous Tom Jones song and heavyweight talent. I didn't really like the film.

But I did like bits and pieces of it, starting with the score from musical powerhouse Burt Bacharach. I watched it over and over, and each time I watched it I liked it more and more.



Is there any sex in it?


The film has nice music, pretty women, talented actors, Woody Allen's dweeby humour of the day, and, last but not least, good art direction. Look at how much red there is.



Mirra mirra on the wall, who is the handsomest of the all?


The film is a creature of its time. It's a randy romp through Paris during the swinging 60s, with a parade of vaguely European characters. France was more of a big deal back then.


absinthe (pronounced "absant")



I guess infidelity was considered funny back in those days.

A high point of the film is the Fellini-influenced dream sequence, preceded by a simple but effective musical twist.







Even the opening credits were beautiful in a way you don't get anymore.




A low point in the film is arguably toward the end, with what might be the penultimate 60s bedroom farce - you know when a bunch of people with different agendas chaotically pop in and out of doorways and run down hallways.



I love you pussycat!




I love this film.