I pondered what it would be like to have a lesser-size treasure chest containing my preferred candies, with the exact types and numbers and even placement. This is typical. I like to ponder heaven on earth, wish fulfillment, assembling different things I like together. Okay.

It is said that we owe a lot to medical people and other frontline workers. I will refer to them as "nurses". How about a Project X where nurses are given the reward of their choice. Other people deal with the hassle and money, and match up service providers with nurses. As you will see, the rewards could be all kinds of things.

I said Project X because I don't know what to call it. What should we call it? "Red Cross Plus" doesn't make sense, but I like it. It needs its own terminology. A logo would be something red, red crossy.

Examples of rewards are below. I'm being inconsistent about social distancing here. There is something to be said for the more social rewards.

There's always the old trick of corraling elementary age kids to craft something "THANK YOU".

There are subscription services that will send you a series of packages over time, where each package contains sweets from a specific country.

A meal delivery from a different restaurant each day for a week. The nurse gets this meal each day, and a homeless person will also be sent this meal. Might work out a little better in theory than in practise.


Participation in a book club?

I find certain items hard to obain, including some drinks, and candy from Phillipines (haw haws). Organo coffee, with a mushroom flavour, uses an Amway style distribution. I could dig up the image of a wire puzzle. Also I don't like to pay for things. It would be nice if someone else dealt with the Internet sites hassle and wallet action.

A nurse might want to play a board game but needs someone to play with, and might need the game itself too. The nurse might want to play with someone specific.

A nurse could get tangled up with a favoured YouTuber. Or a celebrity.

Do you want to read mystery novels, but don't know which ones are good? A specialist could help out, with a personal touch "If you like D you might like F".

Would you like to shoot a crossbow? Or encounter a pet skunk? Well I would. I wouldn't mind encountering an anteater either.

Maid service. A home fixit. Babysitting. Pets?

Could an exotic scheme be worked out where the person doesn't have to worry about the interest on a student loan for a couple of years?

A person provides language lessons. The personal interaction is useful in various ways.

Someone might want to go on a date with so and so. This is awkward and is not going to happen. On the other hand, Mila Kunis once went on a date with a U.S. Marine.