Some clips of Rich Evans laughing.


comedy magician

Alcohol may have been a factor.


never forget


Alien Private Eye

Some Lemro action. Not to be confused with Rem Lezar.

an alien / quiblets / creak


hair is like a waterfall

a chuckle anyway


space bubble

blew his top


Linda Blair


that's our winner


family jewels

He also got a tremendous kick out of the truck explosion.


table manners



nothing nothing nothing / financial issues


eyes of Leo Fong / between me and him / disoriented oriental

They're fond of Mr. Fong.


pilfered poster


Fed Ex

Those gremlin eyes do move.


horny mud monsters




Shoji Tabuchi


suburban sasquatch




black guy hit by gun


motorcycle duck


some native American in me

A vulgar one, but you'll get your laugh out of it. A minute and 45 seconds.


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