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Just a couple of neat clips (from the same episode).



Red Letter Media do balanced assessments of movies. They've got a nice mix of silly and, less obviously, serious. There is spontaneity and there is preparation. It helps a lot that they have media production backgrounds. I assume editing is a lot of work, with a creative element.

What RLM does, at least for B movies, is laugh at how attempts to make a movie turn into failure. Note that RLM have been there themselves, trying to throw resources together to make some sort of film, and watching a fun idea turn into a grind with questionable results.

In "Best of the Worst" they slam these B movies. I can find bits of things to like. At the very least Ninja Warriors has a relaxing soundtrack. You can find a fan edit of Spookies called Twisted Souls. Atmospheric.

There are two or so multi-movie episodes that I've watched over and over and over. One can watch YouTube videos for different reasons: for entertainment, to help sleep, to relax. I watch these to help time the length of lessons. I've watched the Spookies one many times, the Pocket Ninjas one many times, and the Lethal Ninja one has something to offer.

Felissa Rose was in Sleepaway Camp. Here she provides a useful lesson.

Ms. Rose is a character who has done a bunch of stuff.

Adam Green's SCARY SLEEPOVER - Episode 2.2: Felissa Rose

Dick the Birthday Boy was a crazy coincidence. That is in the "Best of the Worst: Night Beast, Trick or Treat, and Skull Forest" episode, or just click "woop" up top. I guess it became an Internet meme, and it showed up on the Ellen show. It shows up in another one of their episodes, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure & Bogus Journey - re:View.


"Oh my God!" is from Troll 2.

Actor Cameron Mitchell appears several times. Here is his IMDB page. You can see him in Okinawa (1952) with a mustache, and Powder River (1953).

There is a section featuring Circle Square, kids in Ontario acting and singing with a religious angle. I never saw it.

Circle Square intro 1980s

The kids must have got something out of it.

Marcia Ien became the news anchor and later co-host for Canada AM on CTV image search.

Later she joined the Trudeau cabinet in the federal government, as minister for women and gender equality and youth image search.

Someone could put together all the situations where they anticipated what was about to happen. The axe back bit (there's a joke there somewhere) is an example. There's another one at 48:20. There's a cute one out there where an RLM member asks a question, which is immediately answered by a character in the movie. "Just ask the movie".


deoderant premonition "Best of the Worst: Biohazard, Slaughter High, and Kill Point" at 16:25

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