Red Letter Media is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Twister's Revenge

Jay does a flawless, strong Wisconsin accent, which makes sense. Or maybe not. There is an accent one hears in Canada that I call the big vowel sound, but I couldn't do it if I tried.



Wisconsin has been on my mind. My new next-door neighbour is an indigenous lady from Wisconsin. I live in an interesting neighbourhood.

In YouTube world, Charlie Sykes at The Bulwark is a Wisconsin man. Regarding board games, there is the photo-friendly Randy and Ellen. Their channel is We Game Together. Jeremy Howard from Man vs. Meeple is in Milwaukee.

The Wisconsinness of RLM is actually shaky. Rich Evans and Mike Stoklasa are from the Chicago area, which is right next to Wisconsin. Jay is Wisconsin - I can't find that bit where he says he grew up in Orfordville - but he spent his summers in Illinois. The whole topic is confusing. You can go down rabbit trails on Reddit here.

For the Chicago angle you want Street Smarts featuring Detective Bittenbinder in the episode Best of the Worst: Black Spine Junka 3 (52 minutes in).

midwest humour

An interesting cultural insight.


On a grimmer note, a number of serial killers hail from Wisconsin, including Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein, who has led to a number of movies. Also that weird Slender Man murder happened in Wisconsin. RLM had earlier made a film that has some similarity with the Slender Man phenomenon. They have a couple of videos, "Did Red Letter Media Invent Slenderman?", and also a review of the Slender Man movie.

MST3K, who had an earlier television show where they watched and laughed at B movies and also had skits, are from the Upper Midwest.

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