Inspiration: Wouldn't it be neat to invent a new schoolyard game? One where players don't just focus on one ball, but consider multiple things in a dynamic situation.

Names: The working name is Triple Threat. It might be preferable to have player names that are not bloody, lethal.

Rules: This is a game of tag, where tag leads to capture or paralysis. A capture means out of the game. Two teams of five, starting on either side of a dividing line. One assassin, one hunter and three swarmers. Swarmers paralyze assassin, assassin captures hunter, hunter captures swarmers. A -> H -> S -> A. You win by A) capturing the opposing hunter or B) capturing all the opposing swarmers. When a swarmer touches an assassin, "check", the assassin must come to a complete stop, paralyzed, until the assassin is no longer being touched by a swarmer. A touch that ends the game would be announced with "checkmate".

Speculation: A game would be fairly brief, more like a round. Would players sort of jiggle and try to reach out, or would it be a chase around the field/gym? When push comes to shove we'll have to do something with out of bounds, so an alternate way to win. It's official I will not be able to try this out for the foreseeable future.

What could go wrong: Could the game get jammed up if the hunters can't handle the swarmers? The number of swarmers could be adjusted once it's tested. Time limit?
So swarmer Sam is touching assassin Jamie, paralyzing Jamie. Hunter Sally is trying to touch swarmer Sam. Should they go around in circles around awkward Jamie because Sam is always on the other side of Jamie?
* How about Sally reaches around Jamie with both arms on both sides to touch Sam. That would get weird.
Maybe the assassin sits down or crouches when paralyzed.