hot dog enthusiasts


Mark Wiens in Pakistan


There are television shows where people go around and eat food, and now vloggers who do that. What some YouTubers do is they get a bunch of candy from one country and eat it. So I had an idea, maybe a silly idea, but I'll make a record of it and see what you think.

How about a person who travels around sampling food, and also a mix and match team of specialists. Food, sweets, alcohol, coffee, exotic non-alcoholic drinks (my thing), maybe sody pop, tea. People could also discuss politics bum around, have a little fun. Do you need to go to the other side of the globe?


It would be nice to have coffee in Venice, or a Parisian café, or the rural Ethiopia coffee ritual. I wouldn't mind trying coffee in the mideast, and Australia is supposed to have good coffee, while Seattle is supposed to have the best. You might want to see the nice documentary Black Coffee on YouTube.

You may not be aware that there are many varieties of soda in America, often older. There can be be a geographical element to this, with the cherry-flavoured Cheerwine in North Carolina or the great Moxie based in Maine.

From my perspective a great place to get non-alcoholic drinks is the Caribbean, particulary mauby, or Russia. Having purple corn juice in Peru would be all right, or maybe pennywort in Sri Lanka or Vietnam, or cinotto in Italy.

There are wine connoisseurs, beer guzzlers, and scotch drinkers. There are also different drinking cultures in different places.

cocktails around the world


There are various baked goods. I know of one man who likes pies.

Sweets is a big topic with some fuzzy edges, it's subjective (thinking Indian sweets here) and it's unhealthy. There's chocolate, ice cream/gelato, licorice, fudge, and a world of foreign curiosities. How about some Turkish delight in Istanbul? Kids like candy. Ethnic people like ethnic stuff.

What should we call this show? Trips and Treats?



Tarragon drink, originally invented in Georgia in the Caucusus.



Tunnock's caramel bar, from Scotland.

This smaller bar has wafers with caramel, covered by chocolate. The caramel glues things together.



Australian licorice



There is a new show coming out called Cheese: A Love Story. Unsurprisingly, it is all about cheese.


"Specialist"? You could have a subject matter expert who knows all the aspects of the topic. Or you could have someone who just simply likes, e.g. pies. Maybe someone who is the opposite of a specialist, someone who is new to things. It's about entertainment. Some people have a regional, ethnic angle (language too). Kids have no problem with being fans of candy.

There is a show called City Bakes, where Paul Hollywood from England goes to cities and checks out the bake shops and whatnot.

There is a show all about tacos, called Taco Chronicles.

Stanley Tucci has his Searching for Italy show, showing food and other things in the different parts of Italy. Actually I count three shows on with food in Italy.

Mexican popsicles


There is a good number of videos out there showing people sampling subscription boxes of sweets from a specific foreign country. A nice one is Violet Stone, unboxing Universal Yums. They're not going to contain everything. Apparently they try to get a mix of savoury (whatever that means) and sweet.