What would it be like if Trips and Treats went to England?


Is England a country, nation, or state? That's so confusing I'm not going to answer it. Here is a diagram.


porky pies


Our family was in England a long time ago in a galaxy far away, where we had fish and chips. They were making a film in London that year called Star Wars. That was a year after the video below. I like to think I can still remember the smell of fish and chips (I am very allergic to fish). I asked my dad if the fish and chips was wrapped in newspaper, and his memory was unclear - unlike New Zealand, where they did wrap it in newspaper. While fish and chips was the national dish of England, that honour has since passed to chicken tikka masala.


jellied eel

A slimy limey. You could have some homely haddock. And if you're in the mood for something amphibian

toad in the hole

My mom used to make this, and I have good memories of it. I have started making it again after all those decades. Comfort food. Good to have on a cold, dark evening.


British food: 20 best dishes

CNN article. "Exactly the same as the above recipe" refers to Yorkshire pudding.

making a mess

Strawberries, meringue and cream. People have their variations.

London Cafe / Bakery Hopping Ep.1 West London

Must Visit CAKE CAFES in London!

instagramarama. London is not to be confused with England. There is a board game café at 1:50. You could also watch the introduction to any video from No Rolls Barred.


Sheffield bakery

Community. Under three minutes.

There's the classy afternoon tea, high tea scene, if you're interested.

Worcestershire sauce

I call it Woostercestershire sauce (per Bugs Bunny).

Nutella pronunciation. Italian roots.

This white chocolate product caught my fancy for a time. The milk was an interesting novelty. Useful for certain gifts. I haven't wanted to get it for a while.


I've bought this more than once, for various Steve reasons. Interesting packaging. Turkish delight shows up in one or two classic children's stories. Some turkish delight would have been welcome in grim postwar England. (As someone who is not a chocolate lover) I'll take this any day over any of these chocolate bars. I'll put it in one kid's Halloween bag.


Each of these adds its little bit.

The 15 Most Important British Sweets Every American Must Try


Best British Sweets to Try When You Travel to the UK

Fancy some rhubarb and custard?

13 Candies You Can Only Get In The UK

41 British Candy Favorites

Long list of chocolate bars. Includes Fry's Turkish Delight, as well as Milky Bar.

Top 13 British Chocolate Bars

A Canadian perspective. I wasn't aware that there is a Canadian Flake bar. Wunderbar is Starbar. I've certainly seen Big Turk bar, but never had it.A trip to 7-11 shows we have Mars bars, Bounty, chocolate Smarties in rectangular boxes, and Aero (/ Peppermint). I've wanted to like the Aero Peppermint bar more than I actually do. We have Kinder eggs with toys.


licorice allsorts

I didn't really like this, even though I am a fan of licorice. Didn't stop me from eating a bunch.


The Guardian has a longwdinded article about crisps (potato chips), illustrating the difference with Europe.

19 Uniquely British Crisp Flavours To Try

some non-English

The Definitive British Crisp Ranking (According to an American)

From crispy to crappy.


What to know before going to a London pub

17 Most Popular Drinks in England (Alcoholic, Soft & Hot)

They have festivals for these?

15 traditional English drinks that will give you a taste of Britain

Non alcoholic. I had Robinson's blackcurrant from Britain the other day. Strong. Blackcurrant is tricky in North America.



This is Exhibit A for the whole concept of Trips and Treats. Wikipedia says the big ingredient in the Fentiman's product is pear juice. I certainly seek this out, but it is rare - unlike other Fentiman's. Fentiman's also makes the peculiar Cherry Cola, but that will have to wait for another day.


dandelion and burdock history

How to make dandelion and burdock beer

The Guardian. Burs from burdock were the inspiration for Velcro.