I got a list of A.I. trailers prepared for presentation but, ahh .. nah ..

The Abandoned Films channel sets the standard.


An alien having a bad day.

The Alien/H.R. Giger ones aren't great, except this one. Some day I should explain my history with Alien.

This works better for certain movies. There are many Star Wars trailers out there.


There are Star Wars 1920s videos, often older with photographs. The Star Wars 1925 is a trip.


That Hutt is going to make somebody out there happy.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Panavision, from We Hate Popcorn, is atmospheric, more pretty community than horror.

There are good trailers for Alice in Wonderland.

You can look up a trailer for your animated show. I'm partial to the Darkwing Duck. They turn the animation into .. you'll see.