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The Royal Game of Ur

Ancient dude prattling about an ancient game.


Online game site made by enthusiasts. All abstract strategy.

Board Game Geek abstract strategy

Abstract Games

Replaced www.abstractstrategy.com (which you can still go to).

Chess Variants

Asian chess varieties

the Vietnamese game

Shifty Eyed Spies

Jeff - Top 10 Games of Summer with Melanie

Proposed games:

Atlantis Chess

Better Letter

Drinkin' Dragons:

context     current

A series of failed ideas. But creeping closer.

Puzzle Master

Karen Puzzles

This channel features jigsaw puzzles, including some unusual ones.

Grand Illusions



Oak Games Coins


The Happy Hagfish

Elasmotherium picture / information

Lethal Ninja

can be hard to follow


recently discovered good songs

Trips and Treats / England

The Truth About Meghan Markle

lapis lazuli and language

Sumerian experience

alternate archeology


Omaha Beach