Q: Do you know who Debbie Reynolds is?


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The Inspector - Intro Theme

Pink Panther. The great Henry Mancini.


Lidsville theme song

Brief, cute chorus at 1:30. Old memories, but that's another story.

Scooby Doo introduction '69 / '70

Reminds me of 1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says

Harlem Globetrotters theme


Josie and the Pussycats introduction


The Beagles - I'd Join the Foreign Legion

This is actually the right song if you are in the right mood.



There's a surprising amount of vehicles, not least dune buggies, in these old '70s Saturday morning shows, including live action.

One character in one of these shows that had a vehicle was called "Superchick". That left a memory. Looking up that sent me down some funky rabbit trails.

The Krofft Supershow

I remember Mr. Turkey.

Superchick was Debra Clinger. She had been part of The Clingers, a musical group of Mormon-raised sisters. They were originally a vocal group ("barbershop quartet"), but became one of the very first all-girl rock groups, playing their own instruments. They ran into the dangers of the scene, with lethal drugs, and, like The Beach Boys, there was overlap with the Manson family.

LAUGH-IN Season 1, Ep 4 Goldie Hawn, Cher, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In

Some groovy rabbit trails there. Debbie Reynolds gets a mention. Who did she marry?

Before my time. I didn't know the show had so much going on.


The Hudson Brothers

I never watched the show, I don't know them, and don't much like the music on the show. But


You could check out the song Mr. Kirby, by The New Yorkers, as this Portland act was known as in 1967. Bassist Brett Hudson was 13 going on 14.

The Hudson Brothers, a musical act, are Bill, Brett and Mark Hudson. In the '70s they had their own show, and became teen idols.

After their show, Bill Hudson did bits of acting, Brett Hudson produced various television shows and films, and Mark Hudson worked with big-name musicians.

Bill Hudson married Goldie Hawn from 1976 until divorce in 1980. He later married Cindy Williams. Cindy Williams was in American Grafitti, a big hit film directed by George Lucas, and auditioned to play Princess Leia in Star Wars. She was the Shirley in Laverne and Shirley. Bill Hudson also managed to squeeze in a brief relationship with Ali McGraw ("A Love Story").

Goldie Hawn | Computer Dating | Laugh In




Shampoo is a 1975 film set in 1968 starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn (not shown). This is a younger Carrie Fischer.


Goldie Hawn is an actress. In addition to Laugh In, she was in several movies IMDB, most famously Private Benjamin. She starred in Steven Spielberg's first theatre film, The Sugarland Express (1974). Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn had two children: Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson.




Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, who first met in '68, became a couple in '83-'84. They have an unusual longstanding Hollywood relationship, although they never married. Kids Kate and Oliver Hudson consider Kurt Russell their father. These four are actors. Some other kids in this blended situation too.

The Russell-Hawn family is very much tangled up with Canada. You can look it up if you care. Remember that next time you see the film Miracle. The Thing was filmed in British Columbia. I've watched The Art of the Steal (2013), a Jay Baruchel film with Kurt Russell set in Niagara Falls.

People might know Kurt Russell from John Carpenter films (Escape From New York, The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China) or thriller films. But at the time I said .. wait a minute .. that face looks familiar. I knew him from some Disney films when he was a younger lad.


I watched at least part of this a lifetime ago, and never forgot the scene where boys remotely set off multiple buried explosives. Also apparently remembered Kurt Russell.


Kate Hudson starred in Almost Famous, and a number of rom coms imdb.



And now for something completely different.



Back to the A.I. film trailers.

The Empire Strikes Back - 1950's Super Panavision 70


Food and Drink


I've become curious about pink strawberry chocolate. There is the old Pink Panther chocolate bar, but we'll get to that another day.

"Made in Japan or New Zealand." This has nothing to do with Ghana. We will likely get to chocolate in Ghana another day.


Q: Do you know who Debbie Reynolds is?

A: Debbie Reynolds was an actress, singer and businesswoman imdb. She was in Singin' in the Rain. She was Charlotte in the animated Charlotte's Web (1973) you've seen.


She married singer Eddie Fischer Daily Mail. Eddie Fischer left her and married her good friend Elizabeth Taylor, who was an icon of beauty during the 1950s.

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fischer had a daughter named Carrie Fischer. So she was a kind of Hollywood princess.