It's time to take a trip to Eritrea.

ASMARA - Eritrea: The African City Of Women

Who are the Tigrinya people?

YouTube short


This fellow has been to 197 countries. That's quite an achievement, especially considering there are 195 countries. We will return to him later.

Un Viaggio In Eritrea

You can look into other videos where people visit Eritrea if you wish. Sabbatical and Ilya Varlamov get into the dusty real world streets and meet people. Food served, the coffee ritual, livestock market, port. Many buildings are seriously bashed up, crumbling, from lack of maintenance and I guess war damage. Eritrea went through a tough, little known war with Ethiopia, who could use access to the sea. This is a rare example of changing borders on the post colonial African continent. There is also a "Nightlife in Asmara Eritrea | What to Expect" video.

Food and Drink


What would it be like if Trips and Treats went to Eritrea?



Gaat, or ge'at something. Everyone has their spoon stuck in there, then it becomes a mess. Traditionally hands are used.

How to make geat

Eritrean language, English writing

Or, if you prefer, a long video from these two yappy ladies in Canada.

Eritrean Cuisine

includes beverages

Chef's Pencil

Travel Food Atlas

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