Rocks and Stones


The board consists of pieces that are always connected. It starts out with the 32 stones in random positions on a 6 x 6 grid, with the rocks in fixed positions. Everything is orthogonal; there is no diagonal.
During a player's turn, the player moves a rock and a stone of the player's colour. Moves can only be made by jumping over other pieces.
A player can win in one of three ways:
- Using a friendly rock to jump over an opposing rock
- Preventing the opponent from moving one of their rocks during their turn.
- Discovering a disconnected board after an opponent's move.




How good is this game?
It's a good, intense game where danger is just around the corner.

The "stones" are glass pieces and the "rocks" are nice stones. You know where you can buy stones like that.
The game is decidedly rugged. You could put it in a versatile bag or a small wood box.

Q: Can Rocks and Stones fit in an Altoids tin?

A: No, unless you want to go miniature. Just the glass pieces barely fit in. You could use small glass pieces - see your local glass shop - for the stones, and normal glass pieces for the rocks. Maaybe .. It would be intuitive.

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