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Self-Published Science Fiction Competition

It pleases me to think of a set of these books as a prize in a contest. Think game tournament, or a genre convention. It's excessive as a prize for a Stand By Me game, but that otherwise fits perfectly, with its dual winners.

Mini bookshelves, with three rows.

For science fiction, thirty books on the three shelves. The top shelf is the top ten books. Some books are walled off on the top row. There is the top three. Within that is the top book, at the top left.


I would read four books from the 2nd and 3rd shelves, three from the top 4-10 books, then two plus one from the top 3.

The fantasy books are a different situation, with a deeper bench. The top row has the best six books from different years, plus a seventh book, the top from 2021, walled off. The second row is the top ten for 2021, less one, so nine books. The third row is where it gets interesting. Nine or so. Some self-published books haven't made it past the filters to become judged as one of the best books. However, you (the judge/selector) might think that some of these books have something to offer.

I'm starting to grasp how expensive that would be.



Some sword-wielding folks.