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The objective of Snaps is to get one of your pieces on the centre position by approaching it from behind, i.e. approaching your original start position. If two pieces are moved to opposite sides of an enemy piece, that piece is captured. Moves are made in a zigzag fashion, as shown by the design on the board.

How good is this game?
Snaps is snaptacular. Games are fairly brief ("in a snap"). The need to surround, combined with the low number of pieces, lead to interesting tactical struggles which don't necessarily involve pieces being captured.

Design notes:
This is a combination of the zigzag from Stripes with the custodial capture from Tablut and Latrunculi, and some setup and objective ideas from our proposed dice game.

Construction notes:
How would you make the lines for this board?
The Christmas/cop car lights look was deliberate.

8 inches (20 cm.) pine board with glass pieces.

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