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These games are not being sold.



Pieces move in a zigzag pattern and capture opponents by surrounding on two opposite sides. The objective is to get to the centre position from behind.



Fanorona is the national game of Madagascar. 

Dablot Prejjesne

From Lapland. Pieces can only capture pieces of the same rank or lower.


Rimau is a hunt game from Malaysia where the men try to immobilise the tiger while the tiger can kill by jumping over an odd number of men. 

Cows and Leopards

Cows and Leopards is a hunt game from Sri Lanka where the cows try to immobilise the tiger while the leopards can kill by jumping.


A jazzy checkers type game from West Africa.


From Hawaii.  Players only move by capturing opponents' pieces by jumping over them.  The last player to do so wins.


A 3-in-a-row game played by the Keres people of New Mexico.


Red and Yellow

One player can capture SAME while the other player can capture DIFFERENT.


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These two games involve larger groups, player elimination, minimal stuff-lying-around components, and they have not been tested. No refunds!


A group goes through a series of faceoffs, and players are flipped out one by one. Will the other player show a head or a tail?

Stand By Me

Players are eliminated after a series of conflicts resolved by dice. Will allies stand together?


Rocks and Stones

A boardless game involving jumping pieces where you have to keep your rocks safe.

Tortoise and Hare

A dice game for one and a half players.


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Blue Circles

16 pieces with the numbers one to five are randomly divided between the top player (you) and the bottom player (the program).

Players take turns dragging one of their unused pieces to an empty circle on the board. Each time a player makes a vertical or horizontal row of exactly twelve, the player scores a point. The player with the most points wins.

Binary Key

The goal of Binary Key is to pick the lock with your binary key.


The goal of Snakebite is to take the crown with one of your snakes and move it all the way around the board to the throne where you picked it up.


You win Chessball by kicking the ball to the opponent's goal, but you can't do that if your piece is held by an opponent's piece.

Diamond and Ruby

Diamond and Ruby is a game where you win if the gems can keep moving. If the gems can't move, the pennies win.


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Rainbow Words