The French word for turkey is dinde, pronounced dend/daind .

When the conquistadores (.. who did not speak French) arrived in the new world, they thought of it as India. They encountered turkeys. They referred to the birds as la poule d'Inde, the chicken of India. D'Inde, which is already a contraction of de Inde, was later contracted to dinde. (source, in French)

La dinde is the female turkey, while le dindon is male. Source, also the sound.

So why is a turkey called a turkey in English? Short answer: it was associated with Turkish merchants.

Why do Turkey the country and turkey the bird have the same name?



has something to say too.

Turkey is a flexible word. Here are some other meanings.

And Turkey has renamed itself Türkiye, for reasons. Actually Türkiye has called itself Türkiye since 1923, but now insists that others call it Türkiye. Here is how to pronounce ü.