The Ukraine war, with an emphasis on the YouTubers reporting on it.


1. Channels.

It's interesting the way each channel has its template.

ATP (a tippling philosopher) Politics is a writer as well as a YouTuber. He is an Energizer bunny who does a lot of work every day to research, organise and provide reports to the public. There is a variety of content, including attrition statistics, a lot of maps, things in the news. Sometimes he touches on arguing about propaganda, political bias, interpretation of information, morality, which is his thing.

He has an hour-long "Ukraine War Upd. EXTRA (20230907b): Russian Trolls Special".



Military & History is a gentle German. I like the way his videos start, with the pickelhaube helmet and classy music. Although pro-Ukrainian, he makes an objective assessment of the battlefield situation. He ends his videos with "I'll be back".

Denys Davydov is a likeable Ukrainian. He is a cheerleader for Ukraine. He ends his videos with "I wish you all a peaceful sky". That is apparently a thing that Ukrainians say. It is special with him because he was an airline pilot. As a Ukrainian, he has connections. One of his friends died on the battlefield. He sometimes comments about corruption. He is not a big fan of Zelensky, did not vote for him, but now is not the time to bring up the issue.

Ukraine Matters cares about Ukraine, as indicated by the title. His father is Latvian, his mother is Ukrainian, and he grew up in Latvia. Lives in Denmark. Foul-mouthed fellow.

Ukrainian News TV from Australia goes down easy, "a simplified and down to earth approach". There is a strong emphasis on meme culture, which doesn't bother me as much as expected. I actually look forward to it.

Jake Broe. At least once he has harshly judged people in his country for working against Ukraine.

Combat Veteran Reacts is an interesting channel. He is a veteran, a grunt, but he also got some international relations education. His channel analyzes clips and goes into detail about the soldier experience. The use of clips sends him on a collision course with YouTube.

Reporting from Ukraine makes focused, five-minute videos. He will look at one recent battle and report on movements on a map, why things were done, what happened, as if he had just interviewed the commanders involved. He focuses on the positive.

Military Lab.

The Telegraph - Ukraine: The Latest, audio only, is proper journalism. It starts off with that nice theme song. They will have military explanations and big picture geopolitics. They will also have guests to talk about sexual abuse, Tatar literature (or some such), mental health.

Times Radio does interviews with relevant people.

The mappers. Really everyone does maps, but some are dedicated mappers, like THETI mapping.

Andrew Perpetua does long videos establishing maps based on artillery fire. He is a primary source for others.

Oddly, the mappers often rely on Russian sources because the Ukrainians have operational security, while Russians can be trusted when one of their bloggers writes of a Russian loss.

The Enforcer makes long videos showing yet more combat clips. He sounds like some Texas/South military guy. Actually, he is/was 20 years old and not military. They pull in thousands of dollars for Ukraine charities.

Warthog Defense is a clip show.


A tricky day at the office.


The remarkable Australian channel Perun does not report on Ukraine, but there is overlap. He has both a military and economics background. He is all about detailed analysis of factors behind the lines. You will get to learn about Australian-style sarcasm.

If blood and guts (more figuratively speaking) is your thing, you probably know where to look. TVP channel from Poland gets edgy.

Sleazy stuff, people wanting to make money. Some combination of unhelpful name, stolen content, concatenated old or new clips, automatically generated voice, and sensationalist clickbait.

Some YouTubers are "neutral", but have an odour about them. These include Singapore-based Defense Politics Asia.

Cornel West picture is not a YouTuber as far as I know. For the record, I'm not saying he's a scumbag. But I don't agree with his views regarding Ukraine and Russia.

Military Summary, in Belorussia, claims to be objective but is apparently pro-Russian. "Unconfirmed Use Of Chemical Weapons." "We condemn any aggression in Ukraine."

Weeb Union is pro-Russian, at least judging by the comments.

Alexander Mercouris and Scott Ritter are true scumbags, working in service of the Putin regime in Russia, for reasons known to them. Scott Ritter, a former CIA man, was recently kicked off YouTube.

2. The cause.

As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine there is sexual abuse - not just for females - and torture, and there are Ukrainian children who have been taken from their families and sent to Russia. It's ugly. Russian invaders are referred to as orcs for a reason. Many soldiers have died or been wounded on the battlefield. You hear about foreign wars in the news over the years, but this is different. This is a high-intensity war, with many casualties in a short amount of time. There has been a continuing bombing of civilan targets, something that is outside of our experience. Hospitals have been targeted. Do you you remember the bombing of the Mariupol Theatre where people had sheltered? The theatre incident also points to the attempt to eradicate Ukrainian culture. Ukraine has been called the breadbasket of Europe. Russia has prevented the export of grains from Ukraine to millions of people in Africa and the Middle East. Never forget that the Ukrainians are innocent victims of aggression.

I told myself that in future I should focus on the victims of war, rather than howitzers and bayonets and armoured assaults. But that's not going to happen.

A number of pro-Ukraine YouTubers support charities. Artur Rehi went to Ukraine, as he and others pulled in money to deliver vehicles to the battle area. Combat Veteran Reacts is peddling his product, energy gum, and half the profits of the first run go to civilian victims. For Ukraine Matters, it is Ukraine that matters.

The pro-Ukraine YouTubers continually bring attention to the cause of Ukraine. Politics, the attitude of people is important for ending the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and supporting the battered civilians in Ukraine.

In the Things You Know section, I once wrote "Donald Trump may be a Russian agent. Or useful twit, whatever the appropriate word is." I feel uncomfortable with that overreach. Maybe I was hoping for something to turn up in the evidence. There is a lot of smoke. What did Kevin McCarthy say? Mr. Trump has a history with Ukraine. He tried to get the United States out of NATO. He and the political forces associated with him might end support for Ukraine.

Here's something random: Michael Cohen talks over and over and over about Donald Trump, court confrontations, MAGA troublemaking, more legal confrontations, the various attempts to corrode the elements of democracy in the United States, more Donald Trump. He never stops. At one point he said all that is less important than what is going on in Ukraine.

3. What are we to make of Russians?

On the one hand, Russians are bad. On the other hand, it's more complicated than that.


Should we blame the people of Russia, or just the government? Early on, some heroic urban Russians protested the invasion. A good portion of the population have been affected by propaganda, and it could be argued that it is not their fault. Most people just keep their heads down. When there is another wave of mobilisation there will likely be protests. Did these people protest when their country invaded and committed atrocities against Ukraine for no reason?

Lavrov orc

There is a meme where Russians are referred to as orcs, although that may be changing. They are also portrayed as pigs. There are good reasons to look down on the Russian invaders, but red flags are being raised. When you hate a people and do not consider them to be human, bad things can happen.

"1420 by Daniil Orain" is a channel in Russia. It doesn't exactly report about Ukraine. His YouTube channel challenges/questions the Russian government and its policies - and the random people he talks to. I don't know how he gets away with it. I'm sure a Russia expert could explain the reason the government allows it.

Some Russians want Russia to be defeated, visibly defeated. That is because they think this will lead to political change. They are not happy about seeing Ukrainians hurt by Russians. It is weird to watch Russians more or less celebrating Russians getting smushed.

The Russian Dude

Lives in Canada. "What's up investors?" followed by laughing at his own joke. He used to have a channel about finance.


Inside Russia, who is no longer inside Russia, is more political and personal. Soulful character.

4. Language.

Ukrainian YouTuber Denys Davydov struggles to read the Ukrainian place names on the map. Can you explain that?

President Zelensky's first language is Russian.

Russian blogger rybar is commonly pronounced ryebar, although some pronounce it reebar. The Russian pronunciation is this. Sounds like a ribeye to me.

People have trouble pronouncing Ukrainian place names, like Novaprokawhatever. Combat Veteran Reacts regularly gets frazzled by this.

Klishchiivka and Andriivka have two "i"s, in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

Z is not a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Mr. Davydov reads Ukrainian place names on a map with Latin letters. Imagine reading the names of towns in your area written in Cyrillic.

5. Ukraine miscellaneous.

You know those Ukrainians who refused to surrender on Snake Island? Well, these people, from different units, did indeed surrender. They came back in a prisoner exchange.

New York is in Donetsk, between Bakhmut and Donetsk city. It dates back to the mid 19th century. The reason for the name is ambiguous.

There can be multiple towns with the same name in Ukraine, and not even necessarily far apart. There are multiple Opytnes.

Corruption is a serious problem in Ukraine.

Canada has a substantial Ukrainian population. One sees Ukrainian flags here and there in the neighbourhood.

Anna from Ukraine is a channel in Ukraine. The war, international politics, but also interesting things about Ukraine and its history.

6. YouTube Miscellaneous.

As a couple of YouTubers have pointed out, it is not wise to keep watching uncensored clips, dropping grenades on people etc.

Pro-Ukraine YouTubers are YouTubers, and YouTubers are people. I can only make educated guesses about what it's like to be a YouTuber, with a list of stresses and constraints. They sometimes blow a fuse, which I find darkly funny, sort of like the Spinal Tap drummer blowing up. Estonian Artur Rehi blew a fuse. The Ukraine YouTubers have a special struggle because a clip that is anything like combat leads to another demonetised video, and YouTube is not easy to deal with.

A number of the pro-Ukraine vloggers have serious health problems. Vlad Vexler has a mysterious (to me) health problem that incapacitates him. ATP Politics, a talkative Energizer Bunny, has multiple sclerosis. Willy OAM, an ex-soldier in Australia who values human life, has terminal brain cancer.

If you've watched television news as well as videos, it is surprising how often people get Russia and Ukraine mixed up. I'm not even saying that people are ill-informed twits; people just say Russia or Ukraine at the wrong time for some reason.

Alexander Mercouris, Scott Ritter and Cornel West, who all support Russia's point of view, have all got into legal trouble. This doesn't invalidate their message; that would be an ad hominem fallacy. But now you know that Mr. Mercouris is a disbarred barrister who got into trouble for forgery and fraud, Mr. Ritter got five years for unlawful contact with a minor, and lefty Cornel West, who makes north of 200 grand a year, owes half a million in unpaid taxes, as well as child support. Has Russel Brand muddied the waters regarding Ukraine? Anyway, he's in trouble for alleged rape.