Yoté (pronounced "yotay") is a jazzy checkers type game from West Africa.

During your turn you may place a piece from your reserves in any empty position on the board, or move, or capture by jumping (moves and captures are orthogonal). When a capture is made the enemy piece is removed from the board AND an additional enemy piece anywhere on the board is removed.

Rules for Dara are also provided. Dara, which uses the same equipment as Yoté, is a row game from Nigeria that is similar to Nine Men's Morris.

How good is this game?
Yoté is challenging and fun, and has simple rules - all on a tight little board. It can be a fast-moving game that changes unpredictably.

Construction notes:
In some ways this is every bit as good as it looks. However, I wince because of the different amount of white space in the length vs. width, and I would prefer rounded corners. The edges should really be painted yellow.
This requires a lot more work than you think, with marking things out accurately, 30 holes of finicky, finger-hurting cutting with nail scissors, and the tricky business of lining up the layers. How would you glue this, and will the glue work?

8 x 10 inches (20.3 x 25.4 cm.) felt on a hardboard base with glass pieces.

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