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Oak Games is a producer of game apps for ios (Apple) mobile devices, with roots in the world of handmade obscure abstract strategy games. The latter is going to influence the design of the apps. You don't see bells and whistles on a slab of wood.

What people don't get about this site is that the beating heart of it is the Corkboard. It doesn't technically have the characteristics of a blog, but it's a de facto blog.

What is an abstract strategy game?  In this article Mark Thompson waxes lyrical about abstract strategy games. There are online games (and puzzles) but the experience of playing these as computer games is not as good as playing physical games face to face with another player.


Blue Circles was the first game. It's a solid little game, worth playing a few times.
The popular Binary Key is like the old Mastermind game, although not inspired by it.
Snakebite is an innovative game where snakes wrap right around the board.
Chessball is a nice, fun, underappreciated app.

Hunt games are limited things. The upcoming Diamond and Ruby is a hunt game that's very good, even though it shouldn't be. You won't stop playing it.

Pip Pop is a nice quick little abstract strategy game involving dice. It's still figuring out if it should commit to being an app. It would belong on the Handmade page, as it works nicely as an improvised game. Watch for a photo on the home page.

There are plans for two possible "riddle routes".
One is a set of trivia questions, which can be played in a social context. There are time delays when you blow a challenge, but it is also multiroute.
The other is a mess of trivia, more visual, riddles, word games, dice games and memory challenges.


The handmade games have been pushed off the agenda by the apps, and what you see is an archive of some of the games that were made. I'll put in notes about the construction problems and possibilities. Photography can be tricky.

The Original Games were invented by Oak Games. This includes the D.I.Y. games.

Oak Games is an assembly line app factory that combines a proven ability to make apps together with years worth of invented games plus traditional games.
In theory.

In practice it's a big indecisive mess every time I try to list the apps to be made. This is the never-ending Oak Game Paradox. I compare it to counting wispy ghosts. There are three reasons for this:
1. Experimental ideas.
2. Too difficult.
3. Where does it belong? This is a catch all of a variety of issues, including is the game good enough, should it be combined with another game in a package (which ones?), two-player vs. artificial intelligence, has it been done already, naming issues, which platform should be used, and would Apple reject it.

Another complication is that the most recently invented game is always the most exciting game. The most exciting game is the one that gets developed, so development stops for the previous most exciting project. At the end of the day nothing comes out the factory door.