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Female soccer players more vulnerable to brain trauma from heading

No knockin' noggins.

When I was young on a soccer team I used to run away from the ball rather than head it.


The mind behind Hive


Meet the Minnesotan behind Turing Tumble

Not sure what that has to do with anime.




Ireland's road bowling


Natural History


whale watching

When whales do the bubble blowing thing, you can see loads of fish breaching the surface, followed by an enormous mouth.



A gregarious goliath?

If it's a goliath (unlikely) he should watch out for those fangs hairs.

There was a television show where natives in the Amazon captured a bird eating tarantula, cooked it over a fire, then ate it. At the end they used toothpicks - those enormous fangs.

Now that you've been thoroughly frazzled, if you have a fear of spiders there is something that can alleviate that. Go to a pet store and have someone put a tarantula on your arm. It will not scamper around. Tarantulas are light, and only the legs would touch you. You will likely lose some of your fear of spiders.



Language and Culture





This offers a different perspective on what went wrong during Operation Market Garden. Market Garden is intriguing. Any presentation of it starts off exciting and ends up depressing. Do you know what was supposed to happen after the 30th Corps reached the Arnhem bridge?

The perception of the Market Garden is tangled up with the classic A Bridge Too Far movie. They had a great, unique scene with a creeping barrage preceding armour and motorised infantry, approaching an ambush by anti-tank guns.

Notice what happened after the failed Market Garden operation. The port of Antwerp (southwest of Arnhem) was previously captured, but the Scheldt Estuary (northwest of Antwerp) still had to be cleared by mostly Canadian troops before supplies could be brought forward to enable the broad front to get moving again.

The TIK channel has a number of interesting WWII videos. I will post the one about Nazis and fuel.

I'll eventually post a new alternative method of fighting the Omaha Beach battle. What might that involve?

Food and Drink (mostly drink)




Steve mix, composed of equal parts aloe drink, Guarana Antarctica and water, was tried by two or three people, who claimed they liked it a lot ("heaven"). I still say it's especially useful as a thirst quencher for a hot soccer Sunday. Does it make the sinuses a little happier?

Music, film, television





I got swept up by another family, taken to the lake in the Gimli area. Things were tested, all parties were happy, new experiences were experienced.

For the past two or three years I've inserted myself into my friend's family, not really often, but intensely. It's nice for everyone concerned, but it seems a little odd sometimes because it's so close.

I haven't been to "the lake" in decades. My friend got his boat going and dragged individual people behind in an inflatable thing, which I will call a tube. I asked him to go fast, he said he would not, but he did. I had a sense of being on the edge of being tossed in the water. He dragged his son along at a good speed, the son was moving the tube around, and he wound up in the water. That's scarier than it might sound to you. The son (who lies constantly) experienced odd symptoms and may have experienced a concussion. The dad felt very guilty about that. Should he feel that way? Do people do that?

I brought various unusual drinks, because that makes sense to me. People had a higher opinion of Steve Mix than I did.

We went to the Gimli car show. Cars are not interesting to me. But the cars were neater than not, my friend is into cars, there was people watching on a great sunny day, a free (for me) mountainous meal, kids with us and, last but not least, blaring oldies rock music in the area.

Card game Safari Race, where your animal cards are visible to all, and the game is mostly about dynamic, co-operative trading, was tested. I was skeptical that this would get tested at all, as it involved herding a bunch of cats. Sure enough one person just left mid game and someone whose mind was elsewhere joined in, while one player was grilling meat. A couple of people were excited about the possibilities. It was not tested well but it was tested. The cards are attractive, but I'm still not sure if little kids can handle it, which animals belong in which category as well as the game rules.

Tortoise and Hare, which you can see on the revamped Games page, was played with a couple of little girls. I was emphasizing the artistic side of this because there really is no game, but the kids definitely liked it. It is a game for one and a half players. Little plastic bingo chips are quite nice.

Here is the cherry on top: I randomly acquired a toonie with a glow-in-the-dark northern lights image. Makes me happy. I had that in mind as a prize for the winner of a Loonie game. Now that I see it, it strikes me as a great thing to make jewelry out of.

$20 bat coin

I am tempted to get this, even though I'm unemployed. The purpose of getting this is ..