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I came up with a new, not-quite-tested game called Safari Race. I'm swooning in love with it. I've got "game glow", before the problems show up.


When I was very young my sister and I were sitting on a beach, trading things like shells. I liked that.


I recently had a vague concept/goal floating around. You have a group of players, each with a set of pieces that are visible to other players. You can co-operate by trading with other players, and a group can co-operate to prevent one player from winning. Attractive gems, normal cards, dry but useful numbers? You achieve something by having two blues and two yellows. Alternatively you could have one blue and two purple. Which will you do? Maybe what other players have affects whether you achieve something.

Why does a boardgame have to be on a grid? What about a string?
building DNA strand


With Safari Race you've got around four players trying to win a race. The board is a set of tracks each made by six random animal cards.
A player always has five animal cards. They are visible on the table.
Roll a die to see whose turn it is. This player can draw a card and discard one.
Animals are great because animals belong in different, overlapping categories.
If a player has three cards in the same category as the animal card his piece is on (see above), he can move.
The game is mostly about trading with other players. You can trade any time you feel like it.

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Where does the pejorative "suck" come from? answer. That's not what I was expecting.

The word "moxie" came from the drink, not vice versa.

Mexico City politeness

si senior




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That guy's got a lot of moxie.







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