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Games and Puzzles



That seems fun. I'm likely to purchase that for a Christmas present.

That's got me thinking about my BAMBOO dice with coloured letters idea again. That untested game has six dice, ideally made of bamboo, with sides having the BAMBOO letters in six colours. You roll until you get BAMBOO in six different colours. Solo? Group? Turns? Rules for touching?

There is a channel on YouTube called Meeple Syrup / site that may or may not interest you. It features "designers discussing design", with industry insiders. Bonus points for being Canadian.


A girl sitting on the carpet had a bouncy ball. She said "Let's make a game."


Game Concepts


Concepts for games that never were made will be presented here. This will be done incrementally, then moved to the Games page when ready.


I almost forgot about Thunderbird! That was the game that kickstarted Oak Games in the first place. Thunderbird is stacking game with a totem pole theme that works fine, but producing it is daunting, and that is why it keeps getting forgotten.


Tagline: One player tries to blow the sailboat to the top while the other player blows the sailboat to the right.

A few years ago I created a simple game called Sailboat. You push the boat from the left to the right, while your opponent is pushing the boat from bottom to top.

Do you know how binary numbers work? You've got a row of ones and zeros representing one, two, four, eight etc. If you add a one to a one it becomes a zero and the next higher value digit becomes a one.

0 0 1 0    add one    -->   1 0 1 0    add one    -->   0 1 1 0    add one    -->   1 1 1 0    add one    -->   0 0 0 1

Let's consider the aesthetics. The board and the pieces are the same ocean blue. I picture maritime types playing this in a Mediterranean country with the sea in view. The board has no lines, nothing! The pieces are blue, with a white ring on one side. One piece has a white sailboat. The board functions as a 6 x 6 grid. Pieces (except the sailboat) are not moved. Pieces are added and flipped. A unique thing. You can add one, i.e. a ring, to the far left of any row, while the opponent adds a one anywhere on the bottom row, as the wind blows.

The game is so-so, nothing wrong with it but not great. A physical game was not seriously considered, although it would be cute, smaller, unique and thematic. I started an app, but got stuck in the swamp of logic and dropped this so-so game. Javascript with no logic? No ..

Between the appearance, manipulation of the pieces, and the rules, it would be strikingly unique. Small too.



The Electromagnetic Spectrum


How do you make a radio wave?

So shouldn't you be able to make light this way? How about microwaves?

What is light anyway? Electromagnetic waves? Visible stuff?


Language and Culture


Should directions be capitalized?


Cardamom is a synonym for cinnamon.

Synonym is a homonym for cinnamon.


Military / History


The Gothic War (376-382)

This was after the Roman Empire split into west and east. While you might think of Germans being in the area of Germany, here they were in what is now Rumania and Ukraine (I encountered a German immigrant from Rumania not long ago). The Eastern Roman Empire was under pressure from Germans, while the Germans were under pressure from Huns coming from the east.

Music, film, television


Chimps bond after watching movies together

Those bonobos probably watch pornos.



Dune has been on my mind lately.



That's wild, alien.

According to my minimal research last night, this scene is not in the book.





some chummy weirdos


Okay, let's start to chew into this Dune business. Dune was part of the trio of cinema science fiction greats for me, including the original Star Wars, the original Alien, and David Lynch's Dune.

I'm not that guy who has read the book and knows about it, and I'm not the guy who can list the ups and downs of the different productions.




a model of the flying pancake (Vought V-173)


Micro Plane Projects

from the Flite Test channel




The Gimli Glider

I happened to be in Gimli last week.



A triple threat.