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Chinese mulberry bark money

I marvel at the way money and finances are made-up abstractions.



Moschops butt head

Ah, the Permian. I wish I could go then to see what it was like, those weird proto mammals



Yeah, maybe not


Why do people, most dramatically Americans, say bin rather than been? They have no problem saying seen.

Am I the only one to notice that Americans prounounce to with a cave man tuh?

"I'm going to go to the school."

How do you say Anne?


I was given this simple-looking puzzle by a friend. I've been casually trying it now and then. I got nowhere, there isn't much that can be done, and I have not figured it out. That's fine, that's what I wanted.



But I grabbed it out of my bag just now, and the ring is off the puzzle. W .. what? How did that happen? Randomly? What do I do about it?