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What is the role of abstract strategy games in society? They are played by specialists, people who like them. Most people won't play them because they are not (yet) interested; it's not their thing. If people are trapped together and running low on new entertainment, that is different.

If you think about it, this would be a great time for wire puzzles. But they're not available.


Jamey Stegmaier's Favorite Abstract Strategy Games

Mr. Stegmaier also has My Top 10 Favorite Games to Play Remotely



I discovered this unique traditional abstract strategy game from Vietnam. I am happy.


A girl talked about designing a game. It's not going to happen; all a bit of brain fun. How about border authorities trying to crack down on people doing wrong things while entering the country, and lying about it. We settled on the name Border 49. She jumped right into the components of the game, while I pondered what the game would be like. Should I improve the game by defining how it works, or should I leave that in her hands since it's her idea?

This is influenced by the Border Security: Canada's Front Line television show, showing the Canada Border Services Agency. The game is basically about lie detection. What things would you need to consider, what would be involved, what would happen?







Nature in all its glory.




Brian Greene shows a Galilean cannon with some drama on the Stephen Colbert show. Physics Girl shows a Galilean cannon with some explanation. This uses bouncy balls to illustrate how a supernova explodes.

I have questions. How does a big star "bounce back" if everything is being sucked into a black hole? If stuff is exploded outward at a fantastic speed does it continue to do so or does the material get tired and stop moving?

line on globe

Physics Girl spends a few seconds showing how a line on a globe helps us to understand curved space, and therefore gravity. Or at least that's what she claims.


Language and Culture


Have you ever noticed anchors on MSNBC and CNN will have guests that are the same ethnicity as the anchor?


Richard Lui will have a Chinese American politician as a guest to discuss politics, possibly an Asian-American issue. Ali Velshi will have Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi as a guest. Blacks are all over the place as guests. Joy Reid is not averse to having blacks as guests on her show.


Chris Cuomo has spoken with Anthony Scaramucci, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (his brother), as well as Dr. Fauci. He memorably had a series of conversations with Rudolph Giuliani.


Food and Drink (mostly drink)


Can you name any fictional drinks?

Q: What is the drink in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

A: The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

Q: What's that alcoholic drink they mention on Star Trek?

A: Romulan ale

Q: What is the beer on the animated show Home Movies?

Black Hole Brew

Q: What is the sody pop in the film Jimmy Neutron (which I am fond of)?

Purple Blurp Flurp.


Military / History


The Antonine Plague

ancient and icky


Music, film, television


some movie etc. articles

The Conversation

An old film from Francis Ford Coppola.

Babylon Berlin

What the Rob Ford movie Run This Town gets right — and wrong

Fire in the Sky

‘Canadian Strain’ full of comedic hits, witty one-liners / Marijuana comedy not nearly dope enough

I don't know why "The Manitoban" didn't mention that Jess Salgueiro is from Winnipeg. She has been in Orphan Black and Workin' Moms.







So .. hypothetically speaking, what would it be like if Oak Games had its own currency?

I got excited about this, then it collapsed within about two hours. It was at no point taken seriously as a practical plan. It is a fun intellectual excercise.


This business of alternative currencies is kind of neat, but I'm not into that bitcoin stuff. Metal coins are the best. Game site Boardgamegeek has geekgold. I'm not sure what that is, it's a reputation thing, but it's not really a currency.

Oak Games would have coins that are wood discs, made by slicing oak branches. These would have a wood grain fingerprint to them, impossible to forge. They would also be thematic and inexpensive to make. There would be an image/branding, a serial number and a value.

Coins would be worth $100 Canadian. They would be used among a community. Each individual coin would have a photograph and other information on the website.

Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Two Bad Mice