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Top 10 Board Games That Sound TERRIBLE But are Actually FUN!

20-minute video from Chairman of the Board


Sand Dollar

Make a game with that.


Date Square

Make a game with that.

I'm excited, if not optimistic about this.


Three-player Tafl ("Tafl Trio") didn't work. Back to two player. The original game had let's say blue soldiers, and let's say yellow bodyguards for a yellow king. The king has to make it to a corner. Let's try shaking it up by having blue soldiers and blue king, with yellow soldiers and yellow king for the other player.

Q: Can Rocks and Stones fit in an Altoids tin?


COLOUR Dice has been a construction struggle. Let's look at coloured paper attached to the dice. Instead of coloured writing, we'll look at coloured background.


The board for Twelve was nicely, successfully made. But the pieces are a problem. The plan was to use ordinary dice as pieces, convenient and easy to manipulate.


The quality and nature of Drinkin' Dragons are unknown. It's not easy to make things to test this out.


The game Attention could be classified as a combination of cards, party and social deduction, but it's messy.




Q: When did NBC's television news show Meet the Press begin?

A: The first episode aired on November 6, 1947.

Q: Can you name two hit songs from Dr. Hook?

You're going to be kicking yourself.




To get a feel, a visual look at modern naval warfare, take a look at the Grim Reapers channel. This shows the video game DCS, featuring ships, aircraft and missiles, but not submarines or tricks like electronic warfare, chaff. You will learn that anti-ship missiles can be shot down by defensive missiles (let's not complicate things with hypersonics), but defenses can be overwhelmed by numbers of anti-ship missiles. Numbers matter. AWACS planes matter. You're not going to toss missiles at something if you don't know where it is. Co-ordination and target deconfliction matters. I never quite grasp what the point of attack aircraft is, as opposed to naval missiles. Sea wiz = CIWS= close in weapon system = wall of bullets last ditch air defense. Can easily run out of bullets.

Amateur Steve says:
I'm curious about how (or if) Canada would contribute to a U.S.-led naval faceoff with China. Canada has twelve Halifax class frigates made in the 1990s. They are split between Pacific and Atlantic. Some will be in dock for one reason or another, like maintenance or refit. I could picture three freighters being involved, likely listening for Chinese submarines somewhere away from the carrier battle groups. Things are even trickier with our submarines. All same as the freighters, but there are only four of them that might or might not be ready to dive. Maybe one of these diesel electric submarines could make it all the way to East Asia, or maybe one is there already, eyeballing the sanctions situation with North Korea.

If you are interested, here is an eight-minute video showing the freighter HMCS Winnipeg doing its things. Bonus points for the name.

Music, Film, and Television


I heard a classic rock song in the past. I tried to look it up, but got nowhere. 1970s, but kind of a psychadelic theme, at least lyrically. "Ten thousand days never to return" in a gentle voice "Ba banapanana nada" followed by some chords chopped on an acoustic guitar. Dancing Madly Backwards is almost certainly there too. Captain something, I guess Captain Beefheart.

I tried Captain Beefheart and also Captain Beyond, but both had a harder sound, particularly the singing, that ruled out these acts. I couldn't find it.

It turns out to be Captain Beyond - Thousand Days Of Yesterdays (Time Since Come And Gone)


Scooby Doo introduction

Reminds me of 1910 Fruitgum Company - Simon Says

Harlem Globetrotters theme


Josie and the Pussycats introduction


B not A. A band's famous song is A, but song B is better.

Song A: The Cyrkle - Red Rubber Ball

Song B: The Cyrkle - Turn Down Day



I watched SCTV when it originally aired. It didn't grab me the way it grabbed some of my peers, but I saw it. There were some heavyweights in that cast. I thought the real star was Pittsburgh man Joe Flaherty. I thought Eugene Levy was awkward, useless. He's not going anywhere.

To find out more about the origins of SCTV, check out "Joe Flaherty - SCTV Podcast with Michael Delaney".

Captain Sternn's trial

Joe Flaherty and Eugene Levy in there. A bit of John Candy too. Do you recognise the voice of the accusative prosecutor?



Star Wars - 1950s Super Panavision 70

This might put you in a peculiar mood.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - 1950s Super Panavision 70


Strawberry Alarm Clock - Tomorrow




I get fiction ideas. Nothing will ever come of it.


Alouette, a spacehip scooting through space. The skeletal structure of Star Trek, but less adrenaline.

Alouette is a space bus. Different things happen. Naval life for crew. Relationships between people. Murder on the Orient Express. Espionage shenanigans. Port call in space New Orleans. Port call in space Macau. Virus. Robot. A black hole. Like the original Star Trek, a key thing Alouette does is the search for life.

Language, Culture and Geography


1950s is spelled without an apostrophe. It is plural. 1950 does not possess anything.



Kyiv pronunciation(s)

Keep an ear out for a w sound at the end.

The Guardian / Atlantic Council

Also don't call it "the" Ukraine. That has Soviet roots.

Ukrainian alphabet



Ukrainian patriotic mottos

That slava Ukraine business.


Food and Drink



This has charmed me. It checks a lot of boxes.
- It's regional.
- Nostalgia. I once ate cactus in early grade school, and never forgot the experience.
- It has originality, a story.
- Attractive package.
- Age (1942). Tradition, old-fashioned package.


So what about taste? I can't be trusted to give an objective opinion because of these other factors. I've convinced myself this is like eating the cactus I had as a kid, even though I originally probably had something different. Also my opinon on these things tends to bounce around.

review 1 / review 2 nice picture

A girl said they are like Turkish delight. I think they are like those jellied fruit, which I am in no rush to consume. I do like the taste of this cactus candy. I look forward to getting more.

I'm slightly confused about what it is made of (do the fruit turn into flowers? I note the fruit does not have spines). The picture on the box is actually a saguaro cactus! Here you can learn about the prickly pear cactus. You can see why the candy is red.



Keith Olbermann's ghost story

That's scary stuff.