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Games and Puzzles


The National Hockey League is playing within bubbles in two hub cities: Edmonton and Toronto. They are apparently in post season.

the basketball equivalent of a dad joke



Okay, let's get things rolling along with core Oak Games content.


Here is the page for Beach Buttons on Oak Games. We will look at the game, in two ways.


There is a traditional abstract strategy game from Vietnam called .. something.



I made an improved version of the six cubes with letters in six colours that are meant to spell out BAMBOO.

I anticipated that you would figure out the puzzle, then you are done. In fact it is quite replayable, with different ways of solving it.


You have a penny. You flip the penny. If it is heads up, put two pennies to the right of it, a triangle. Flip the two pennies. If one of these pennies is heads up, put two more pennies to the right of that.

Ancient Board Game Found in Looted China Tomb



spelling bee

This is a neat pair of words, but I've never known what to do with it. A character with special abilities? Someone who knows about words is an etymologist, while someone who knows about insects is an entymologist. How about twin girls?

Anyway, let's see if we can make a game. People have surely tried making word games a zillion times before, but let's see what can be done. What are you thinking?


How about cards that are panels from Garfield comics? I don't know how that game would work, but your goal is to get the cards to make a comic.

random Garfield


Game Concepts


And then there's Gamaroo. This is a game where you have the classic roll a die and move your piece down a path. Some of the spaces have challenges on them, usually questions. This is intended for the whole family, actually a specific family, as a Christmas present. This will show up here and there on the site, because you may want to use it as a Christmas present.




Language and Culture


Q: What is the Latin word for Wales?


Food and Drink (mostly drink)


I don't know why they call it licorice. It is invariably a combination of licorice and anise.


"Ingredients: malitol, starch, water, licorice extract, vegetable oil, carnauba wax." It does not have sugar added. It doesn't have anise either. It does have a waxy taste (now that I've seen the ingredients). It is likable, tasty; that's why it's here. Bonus points for the cute cat figures.

I got this from Shoppers Drug Mart. As a sugar-free product, it was in an unexpected part of the store.



Naoya Hida & Co. NH Type 1B

Best watch ever?

Previous: Naoya Hida & Co. NH Type 2A

wristwatches at hodinkee




I think I will put little Christmas presents in wrapped macaroni and cheese boxes this year, because people I like this.

Sweets are an easy choice. Sugar-free licorice will go in one box. Popeye candy cigarettes - some nostalgia there - and a couple of Milkybars will go in another. Curated comics will go in a couple of boxes (two grades).

So that's what I plan to do. What else could one put in these boxes? Wire puzzles are Exhibit A. However, when push comes to shove I'm the only person who really cares about these, and there's also the issue of getting one that would fit. If you are interested, there is this one and this nice eagle-shaped one, which probably fits.

I think of Christmas all year long.

Music, film, television


Jay Baruchel examines portrayal of killers in 'Random Acts of Violence' / Toronto Guardian