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Games and Puzzles



What are the odds of that?

8 x 7 x 6 x 5 = 1 in 1680. I play a lot of Mastermind.




time dilation

This is Einstein/relativity stuff. Normally I stay away from it, and certainly don't understand it, but - bing! - this nine-minute video makes at least part of it easy to understand.


Language and Culture


disingenuous at dictionary.com

note the spelling


genuflect at dictionary.com

Genou (m) is the French word for knee.


What does "book" mean? In my day it was pages bound together for you to read.


American regional humour

A fascinating brief bit from a Red Letter Media video that talks about humour in three regions.


Food and Drink (mostly drink)


I'm not a friend of alcohol, but


Ooh, did I ever like this. It might be related to the fact that I've been into licorice recently. I had this in quite small amounts, with an ice cube. I really wanted more, but no more is available. This is an artisanal product from Portugal, specifically the Azores, somewhere out in the Atlantic.

Military / History


Taiwan Can Win a War With China

"Beijing boasts it can seize the island easily. The PLA knows better."

Sun Tzu would get on a plane and go to Mexico.



When I think of French infantry during World War I, trucks do not spring to mind.





Reconstruction of Roman and medieval padlock.


Music, film, television



Pop culture, secret spies, with a layer of science fiction. You might find something interesting in this 12-minute video.

I'm not all that happy about people making money by being persistently negative toward people involved in challenging projects with production problems that are judged subjectively.


Which movie received the first Academy Award for Best Picture?



We watched a couple of crackerjack old animated shorts from Winnipeg animater Richard Condie. The Big Snit is somewhat famous. It won an Academy Award.



"In addition, Matt Groening has cited the film as the inspiration for the opening scene to The Simpsons episode "Bart The Genius"; in both cases, various character quirks and relationship dynamics are established through a particularly agonising game of scrabble." source. That's the kwijibo scene in the second episode of The Simpsons.

The Big Snit



It's a Winnipeg thing.


I actually prefer the slower Getting Started.


Getting Started




unicorn mukluks



So .. hypothetically speaking, what would it be like if Oak Games had its own currency?



You rang?