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sledge hockey in Yellowknife


Roar of the Jets fans 2015


I came up with a new, not-quite-tested game called Safari Race. I'm swooning in love with it. I've got "game glow", before the problems show up.


With Safari Race you've got around four players trying to win a race. The board is a set of tracks each made by six random animal cards.
A player always has five animal cards. They are visible on the table.
Roll a die to see whose turn it is. This player can draw a card and discard one.
Animals are great because animals belong in different, overlapping categories.
If a player has three cards in the same category as the animal card his piece is on (see above), he can move.
The game is mostly about trading with other players. You can trade any time you feel like it.

What I really like is a possible box cover. Smallish (it is a card game), with yellow and brown colours. Serengeti, horizon line, giraffe, and a big dominant circle. It seems like I've seen that somewhere before.

So good, bad and indifferent:
I think it will be enjoyable, brief and simple.
I think it's not a good game. I think the game plays itself; players don't make too many decisions.
It has not been tested in a group. Coming soon. I've got some drawing to do.

Royal Game of Ur online


Natural History




He likes it.




Language and Culture


How do French people say le dossier? Like this. Hmm.

What does proverbial mean? It means this. I had that wrong.

What are Japanese Americans like?




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music, film, television


The Beatles in Hamburg





In the North American versions of the television show Big Brother, players nominate and vote out other players, leading to tactical shenanigans. This is in contrast with the European / UK / other versions of the show, where discussion of nomination and voting is forbidden, and viewers are just watching people in the fish bowl. The hard-to-classify show actually started in the Netherlands. To quote wikipedia,

"The group came up with the idea after the 1991 Biosphere 2 experiment in the Arizona desert, in which eight men and women discovered how hard it is to live together inside an airtight glass and steel geodesic dome that sought to replicate the Earth's environment. Big Brother alternated deprivation with excess."

One Steve Bannon was part of the Biosphere 2 experiment.


unfinished business



That guy's got a lot of moxie.


Moxie is a regional American soda pop closely associated with the state of Maine.