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Some Egyptian action. Thoth gave up and left.


Allez les rouges.

I forgot how much I like to watch World Cup soccer. Soccer is the only sport I really get and like to watch. The nation vs. nation aspect (it's called World Cup for a reason) helps a lot. I don't really like watching Liga whatever soccer.

Japanese fans


Jeff - Top 10 Games of Summer with Melanie

is on the Stuff page for now. There's a meme waiting to happen.


12 Games of Christmas - Children's Games

Dice Tower


World Series of Board Gaming

Website, with a focus on tournament structure. If you want a different run at an explanation, here is Tom Vasel's description.

The structure of the tournament is interesting. But you won't see me playing any of these games. I like abstract, simple games. Abstract strategy etc. Which takes us to Clark D. Rodefer.

Mr. Rodefer has once again put together an abstract game tournament in Michigan. 22nd Annual U-Con Abstract Games Tournament. I note that it's not called the "World Series". You can see the list of Two Player Abstracts Suitable for Tournament Play. If you had a tournament, which games would you want to include? All abstract? What would the struture be?


(There is a jigsaw puzzle competition out there too)


Here is what I call a game clue:

Ralph takes a card from Sally, likely a trade, because Sally has the blue card that Ralph wants. Ralph can't see her cards.

Here is the twist: Sally has three cards. Before giving Ralph a card, her cards are shuffled. The card that Ralph gets was not blue. So was Sally lying to him?

Of course this would need to be wrapped in a bunch of other rules. Maybe a player has progressively fewer cards in hand, increasingly tense.


Language and Culture


Why do people talk about owning other people?


Integral is pronounced integral. Think integrate, or integrity.

China Uncensored

Chris Hayes MSNBC

(Nicole Wallace) MSNBC




Have you heard of the proposed CANZUK alliance beteween Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand? It's trade, diplomacy, military, but firstly free movement of people. It is said that these countries share cultural and institutional similarities.

"So you're a billionaire with fantasy money to spend, leafing through an Architectural Digest magazine.

If you can have a house in four or five cities, which cities/countries would they be in?"


How about having one house in each of Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand? An interesting mix of experiences.



Tenyo Knight's Tomb


I got one or two of these (Tenyo? Milton Bradley?) decades ago, but no longer have them. It's always been extremely rare for me to have any use for a plastic toy. The trick aspect of this doesn't fill me with glee. However, this hit my buttons. It is small, with a neat aesthetic design and the zing of a mysterious trick.

The trick is the knight is put in the tomb with an up/down orientation that the magician does not know. However, the magician can determine the orientation without opening the tomb. This is accomplished by


Wonk is know spelled backwards. Learn something new every day.


Golden Ratio = Mind Blown!


Myths of maths: The golden ratio


Population comparisons. It's more about comparisons than accurate numbers.

The United States of America: 331,893,745.

Indonesia: 276 million. World's 4th largest.

Brazil: 217 million.

Mexico: 129 million.

Do you know what the population of Bangladesh is? map

Germany: 83,700,000.

France: 68 million.

Canada / France: 55%.

The United Kingdom: 67,791,400.

Canada: 37 million (36,991,981).

Australia: 26 million.

New Zealand: 5 million.

CANZUK: 135,800,000.

CANZ: 68 million (67,991,981).

Canada, less Quebec: 28.5 million.

CANZUK / U.S.A. : 41%.

U.K. / U.S.A. : 20.4%.

Canada / U.S.A. : 11%. (0.1114573)

It's often said that Canada has one tenth the population of the U.S.A., but it's really one nineth.

Australia / Canada : 70%.

Ukraine before full-scale invasion: 43.7 million.

That is hard to nail down. For one thing Crimea is often excluded.

California: 39 million.

Poland: 39 million.

Canada: 37 million.

Texas: 29 million.

Australia: 26 million.

Belgium: 11,600,000.

Portugal: 10,400,000.

Israel: 9,609,500.

And you thought Israel was a big powerhouse.

Quebec: 8.6 million.

Denmark: 5.9 million.

Finland: 5,553,000.

Scotland: 5,463,300

Scotland / England (not U.K.) : 9.7%.

Norway: 5,425,270.

New Zealand: 5 million.

European populations half way down

EU graph