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Top 10 Games Everyone Should Play at Least Once

A particularly fun Dice Tower video.


A live play of card game Faces, where cards just have images of people.

If you're looking for a fun Dice Tower video, there's the older Top 10 Rage Inducing Games.


The New Abstract Games

A newly-revived online magazine about abstract strategy games. Check out the photos! This is heaven for the right kind of person. Why don't you donate to them?


If you roll a die, the chance of rolling a one is one in six. If you roll twice, the chance of getting a one is .. The Stand By Me page has been tweaked with new statistics. For such a simple little game the numbers and scenarios can have your head spinning. You volunteer for a faceoff so that your ally will help you in future. If you really want to break your brain - and perhaps the game - think of the probability of your ally not surviving.

Military / History



I recommend slowing down the speed of the video.
If you're curious
here is a Google map of Normandy (you can see Channel islands Jersey and Guernsey). Here is a list of German units, which shows that there is a 2nd Panzer Division and a 2nd SS Panzer Division.

Rome was taken on June 5. This was overshadowed by

D Day was June 5, 1944. Because of weather problems it was delayed until June 6. Have fun mapping where the paratroopers landed. Were there other paratroop landings? There was a landing to take an artillery piece behind Juno. The northern part of the city of Caen was bombed, which makes some sense to me.

You've heard of D Day. Have you heard of D + 2? That's when the fanatical 12 SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend counterattacked against the all-volunteer 3rd Canadian division ("kleine fische"). They bashed into each other. The death match between these units continued during the battle of Normandy.

Operation Perch, June 7-14, was a British attempt to encircle Caen. They failed to do so.

German commanders shuffled the shredded 352nd Infantry Division (which was at Omaha Beach) out around June 10, but could not immediately get the 2nd Panzer Division in the gap, the Caumont Gap, where the British wandered into pleasant, undefended territory. This set the stage for the famous Battle of Villers-Bocage southwest of Caen on June 13, where Michael Wittman ran riot with a handful of Tiger tanks. This was not shown on the map for some reason, maybe because it messed with the neat front line. British forces were in Villers Bocage.

On June 13 the first launch of a V1 against London occurred.

The big storm that damaged and destroyed Mulberry harbours began on June 19.

Operation Bagration, the big Russian offensive in the east, began June 23. This would destroy Army Group Centre.

Operation Epsom was June 26-June 30, crossing the Odon River.

The Cotentin peninsula was cut off and the isolated defenders of Cherbourg Harbour surrendered to American forces on June 29. They got a harbour! Too bad the Germans had destroyed it.

Understandably pessimistic old Gerd Von Rundstedt was out.

During Operation Windsor July 4-5 Canadians finally got Carpiquet airfield, just west of Caen. It doesn't really show up on the map.
Operation Charnwood, an Anglo-Canadian offensive to take Caen, took place July 8-9. This was preceded by an air bombardment that turned the old city of Caen into rubble. This was destructive and not so helpful. Most of Caen was captured.

The British Operation Jupiter on July 10-11 was an attempt to take Hill 112, just southwest of Caen, which they didn't quite get.

The Second Battle of the Odon in mid July, west of Caen, took German attention away from east of Caen.

On July 17 Rommel was strafed by aircraft. He was out.

British infantry was chewed up by all these operations. So they sent in the armoured divisions. Operation Goodwood, including another air bombardment, took place July 18-20, so the armoured forces were shredded instead.
The Canadian Operation Atlantic July 18-21 finally took the the rest of the city of Caen and beyond. There was a disastrous infantry attack against Verrieres Ridge.

Note that German forces in front of Caen were within range of Allied naval gunfire.

Where are the German panzer divisions?

So what were American forces up to all this time? They faced less powerful forces, as they were not next to the vital city of Caen. Their area was the frustrating bocage country (was the environment around Caen really safer?). They took their hits, certainly in officers. They were in a messed up state. This is partly because of their well-intentioned casualty replacement system which came at the expense of unit cohesion.
There was a bloody push to take St. Lo, July 7-19, which set the stage for what was to come, after a pause.

There was an assassination and coup d'état attempt against Herr Hitler on July 20.

When did Syria become Arab?

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