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I wouldn't complain if this was in the treehouse.



Tricks and Treats card game / more


Natural History





string theory

A mercifully short article. It's nice to know that elementary particles are something, not just zero dimensional point particles with no size.


When you look into string theory you will find .. it's pretty useless. Strings are insanely insanely small. Atomic physics, the usual focus here, is a completely different scale and is not as useless to you. Chemistry is built on atomic physics, and chemistry can be useful.

What is an atom and how do we know?

The emphasis here is on chemistry.


Language and Culture


ID (an abbreviation of identification) is apparently a verb. What is the past tense?






Food and Drink (mostly drink)



Music, film, television



Do you remember this scene in the original Star Wars? It was only flashed for a few seconds once or twice. This is part of what impressed me so much about this movie. Look at the detail that went into this very brief scene. Between Star Wars and the later Alien, the word "details" was kicking around in my head a lot. Note the steam hissing out of those guns.

Do you remember the little scene where R2D2 gets sucked into the sandcrawler? A neat, alien, kinetic, hardware-oriented, brief little scene in a movie packed with neat little scenes. Don't forget the sounds. That scene kind of sums up the Star Wars experience.




Potato Wars

There's a better version of that I should track down.


The Millennium Falcon - Behind The Scenes History


Trench 11 / Cine Machina

One of the Sutherland clan is in that.


I'm a big fan of Western animated shows, mostly the heavy hitters. I like the animated shows and have no use for live fiction shows. I also have basically no use for the modern computer animated movies, and I can't really explain why that is.

I like the Simpsons, the most digestable of these shows. Family Guy, a show I avoided for some time, is one I like to watch a lot (I'm glossing over how these shows have changed over time). There's Ren and Stimpy, there's Futurama. Home Movies is officially my favourite of these shows. There is Bromwell High from Britain (and Canada). The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is for kids, and I like it. There's Bob and Margaret. There's Undergrads. Mission Hill, particularly the science fiction convention episode. Other shows are worth a few episodes here and there. Some are for kids, and some are really weird. I almost forgot about Duck Dodgers.


There are other animated productions out there, from '30s animation to NFB Canadian shorts. A whole bunch of various stuff, but let's not complicate things.

Interestingly, different animated shows have different qualities. Simpsons has fabulous voice work. H Jon Benjamin as coach in Home Movies is a great character, but he is nothing when it comes to doing different voices (he has the same voice in Archer and Bob's Burgers). Behind all the craziness of Ren and Stimpy there is great art work. Meanwhile South Park started out with simple paper cutouts. Home Movies has a lot of edited improvisation, which gives it its peculiar character. Family Guy can have musical bits, adventurous stories including science fiction, and daring humour. Futurama has a variety of qualities, more than The Simpsons, but I think a big strength might quietly be its wordplay. Some shows have nice intro or interstitial music, like Home Movies, or Odd Job Jack. Sometimes I wonder if Canadian productions have more emphasis on word humour.


Weirdly, other than the shows I like, I'm like oil and water with other shows, and that includes the ones I've seen and the ones I have not seen. I've never been a fan of South Park. I don't have an objection to it, it's full of quality satire and humour, but it has never been for me. American Dad won't stick with me, although I like Family Guy. Bob's Burgers is not for me, and I've basically not seen Archer. King of the Hill does not appeal to me.

There is a lot of negativity in these shows, and I really do object to that. That's a whole complex topic with bathroom humour, ugliness, shock and nihilism. Suicide has been casually popping up. Lots of red flags there. Family Guy writers will regularly think of a handicap and have a scene making fun of the handicapped person. I'm sure lots of university papers have been written about that. Characters will show that they don't care about other people who are suffering. This happens over and over, and this is supposed to be funny. I can only speculate what's going on there.


These shows that I like were made during the 1990s into the 2000s. And then .. nothing. If there is a nice animated show out there, I don't know what it is (well, actually there is one, which is the point here, stay tuned).


Q: Who did the voice of Megavolt in Darkwing Duck?

A: Dan Castellaneta


Q: Who did the voice of the Martian queen in Duck Dodgers?

A: Tia Carrere





PVC crossbows have a nice sound when they are shot.

This has an arrow catcher which comes in handy when you are pointing down from your castle. You can use a finger quite safely to do the same thing.

Did medieval crossbows have safety mechanisms? I don't think so.

You can see it has a kick. Crossbows that are pulled by hand cranking can have a 1,000 or 1,250 pound pull weight.



8,000 years ago? That was during Neolithic times. Cats will kill mice too.




Marijuana has become legal in Canada, which is going to be weird. Marijuana has become legal, but that does not mean there is no problem with consuming it. I say stay away from it. If you don't consume it you won't experience any of the bad effects it may have.


Winnipeg's first ticket for toking in a car issued one hour into legalisation

Focus, people.