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Games and Puzzles



Schnapp den zwilling!


Top 10 Kids Board Games that are ACTUALLY FUN for you too! Ages 5+

A video from BoardGameCo, who also has a video about My Top 10 Board Game YouTubers


I don't know how much overlap there is between Oak Games and Rob Has a Podcast. This channel focuses on Survivor, and some other "strategic reality shows". I'm not a Survivor fan, but I listened to a lot of material on the site about Big Brother, particularly Big Brother Canada. Big Brother gets a bad reputation, but there is a game there. The problem is there is no one good way to present it. I also followed The Amazing Race.

I guess I should have donated money to the hardworking Rob Has a Podcast, but I didn't. The entertainment industry is going through a challenging period. You may want to donate money to RHAP.

Consider this: His wife, the mother to his son, is a nurse.

Did neolithic people play board games?



Yes, apparently.


There's a tiny but growing number of riddles that sit well with me. This should wind up on the Stuff page. Logical riddles and .. other stuff. Might not come with answers.

I used to say that this is my favourite riddle:

What is the difference between hex and sex?

And here is some other stuff:

When you look in the mirror the image you see is reversed horizontally but not vertically. Why is that?

I could look it up, but I never have; I like the mystery.




Lilacs smell nice.


Hummingbirds' vision hints at compound colours outside normal spectrum

I should look into how eyes work, how they detect different wavelengths.


Language and Culture


I said to the dog "Let's go for a dog, walk." Then I corrected myself, saying "Let's go for a walk, dog." Then I realised I was correcting grammar for a dog.


Food and Drink (mostly drink)


I figured out how to stand up popsicle sticks - use dice! Lay down a popsicle stick (for framework) across an ice cube tray. Lay a die on the stick and attach a temporary little roll of scotch tape to the die. Stand up a popsicle stick (for the popsicle) and have it stick to the scotch tape. Alternatively I could do what normal people do, what I actually did, which is put a stick in while it is slushy. That requires timing.

It turns out that different ice cube trays have different cell size and cell numbers. Anyway, it's time to, uh, freeze the design.

Lychee and Peardrax make great popsicles. We'll never know if birch sap will make a good popsicle. In the packaged drink sugar is used as a preservative, which affects the pure taste of the birch sap. Will it freeze? It is the sap of birch trees.

I'm going to go to town making popsicles, and plan to give sets of them to three sets of friends and relatives. I will recommend that it be consumed on Canada Day. I'll throw in a Milkybar if I can track some down.

While chasing down drinks at the specialty candy shop, Milkybar got my curiosity going, and I bought it. Objectively it is what it is, but right now I have a real crush on it. It tastes like milk chocolate, because that's what it is, with an aftertaste of powdered milk. It tastes sweet, but apparently they reduced the amount of sugar. Product of Britain. This small bar could be a stocking stuffer.


Military / History


Electronic Warfare - The Unseen Battlefield

from the Covert Cabal channel


SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defense

What's a shrike?


Shouldn't NATO have gone to war against Argentina when they invaded The Falkland Islands?


India vs. China conflict at Galwan Valley

The inside scoop on what happened in that battle. It was grim.

We haven't heard the Chinese side of the story. Soldiers followed orders. War is tragic, and has a way of weaseling out of control, with tragic results.




My brother gave my dad a bicycle to ride, but my dad couldn't. Living in leafy River Heights, close to Assiniboine Park and the (struggling) shopping centre, it was inevitable that I would ride the bike repeatedly, just like when I was a teenager.

Why do they make bike seats so hard?

I headed off to the park, with its trails, pavilion and duck pond. There was a good number of people, with basically nobody wearing masks. I would argue that with distance, outdoors, humidity and very low infection rates it doesn't matter, but you had best get this information from a health professional rather than a game site.

There was a village of gophers - or Richardson's ground squirrels - at the park. There was also a falcon swooping by low. It might have been a peregrine falcon. It had a striped tail.

In my day I never wore a helmet, which was bad. Nowadays everyone wears helmets. I used to go back and forth between going on the road and going on the sidewalk, whichever led to safety and being nice to people. Since then it is against the law to ride on the sidewalk, and you can get a ticket. That did not affect me, thank goodness. Now it does.

I went to the nearby corner of Queenston and Academy at the lights. An older lady nudged out with her car as I was crossing. That was rather rude and wrong. Toward the end I realised I was crossing against a red light.

Later at that same corner a guy drove by with what I described as a model T Ford. My dad says there is someone on Queenston who has the rarer model A. I spoke with the guy and verified this.

The beautiful, wide Wellington Crescent has nice, old, rich people houses. I like to see the old houses kept, but change is inevitable. I checked out the old Carstairs house, and its metal gates were closed up with a sign on them, No Tresspassing, with a truck parked. Restructuring? Don't like people? A movie shoot? Pest removal?

A closer look at the two signs showed that they said "DANGER" "Firing Range" and "Department of National Defense". What the heck is that?