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Some definitions: Rock paper scissors refers to a game mechanism where three types of pieces work like rock paper scissors. "Rock paper scissors" is a broader category where certain types of pieces can only capture certain other types of pieces. There are various mechanisms for this. There is another mechanism where both player 1 and player 2 have a and b pieces. Player 1 can capture player 2's pieces that are the same, while player 2 can capture player 1's pieces that are different.


I've tried a number of experiments with "rps". They wind up being, ehh, not bad, not great.

The best one is dice game Pip Pop. I made a proof-of-concept app for that, but, ehh. It works as a handmade game for you to throw together.
I've tried doing "rps" with a Surakarta board. A noodly board meets a noodly relationship between pieces.
I tried doing rps with a Cows and Leopards board. Player 1's pieces start in the left and right fans, while player 2's pieces start in the top and bottom fans. You put a piece in the centre position until the opponent gives up.
I saw something on the intercom of my building, two intersecting triangles, so I tried it as a board. "Twin Peaks", a rps game where you try to move a piece to the peak of your opponent's mountain. This rps game has a triangle theme, with a triangle no man's land at the start. High marks for original board design.
Most recently I tried rps in a Tablut game. Ehh. The king doesn't seem to zip around the board as much as the traditional game. Once again the traditional game stands the test of time.

top ten games that teach logic


I'm working on an accounting diploma thing, but there are three, four creative projects that I can't wait to get to.

There is the trivia app known as The Road to Marrakesh. A lot of progress has been made already. This is not something people will play over and over.

A new word game concept with the working name Rainbow Words. It's the opposite of innovative - think of a game show. I really want to try it out. I've got a list of words ready from an earlier failed word game. Would Apple reject it?

Something that has popped up over the decades is some pictures of animals with a couple of words, maybe wordplay. Consider an absurd picture of a snake and a basketball. "Flatypus", some roadkill, would be the funniest. How about a zebra with a referee whistle. Would you describe that as funny? The wooly marmot. Shutterbug. Lollygag. Elope. A lurt? Oxy moron.

That Safari Race animal card game should be tested, and not all of the cards have been completed.

And there's another possible project, which takes us to four and a half. Something has got to give. I'm looking at various options for Royal Game of Ur for Christmas.
.. and there's a popsicle stick puzzle for Christmas. I've made it before, it's nice. It's arts and crafts time.


You can get it here.


There have been four persian ladies on six seasons of Big Brother Canada. They all got to final four.



What do you think of Big Brother? What do you think it is?


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I got 100% on my (open book) managerial accounting exam. This is not my first 100% on a test, but it really put a spring in my step. It feels good to be the guy who can be depended on to get things perfect.

I also managed to swim the length of the Delta pool underwater without diving, to my surprise.