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Games and Puzzles


On ESPN they had a soccer game ("Omegaball"). There were three teams and three goals, with one ball and one referee. I am surprised that they did it.


Runners, previously known as Beach Buttons. link


Upper yellow moves left ish.

Blue's turn.


Lower blue moves down .. to the top.

Yellow's turn.


Upper yellow moves up .. to the bottom.

Blue's turn.


Upper blue moved down.

During a turn you are trying to move your pieces to positions with a number of branches, preferably with long paths to go down. You also want to keep an eye on whether you can squeeze the options for your opponent, and whether your opponent cam do the same thing to you.

Yellow's turn.


Language and Culture


Is one culture better than another?

There is a rather interesting video from Yes Theory titled "Traveling to the 'Worst' Country in Europe" about a trip to Moldova.





Frantic yet disciplined, a machine of metal and people.

This is from Matsimus (or Matman as I call him). He is British ish, now one of us, doing artillery in the Canadian Army Reserves.

He has another video called "How does the Canadian Artillery work? BEING A GUNNER" that fleshes things out.




Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off

Wikipedia. Note the links at the bottom.

SPFBO finalists


facebook page

I might make use of some of the links there.

Hugh Howey is working on a science fiction equivalent.


I get fiction ideas. Nothing will ever come of it.

So we have a peaceful spaceship scooting through space. It will be called Alouette for now.


What do we do about alien life?


Let's start with single-celled life forms, which I guess we will call SCLF. Earth had SCLFs almost right away. The SCLFs developed, slowly, into different types, including the ones that gave the Earth a lot of oxygen. This lasted billions of years with no multicellular life. The point is multicellular life, and especially intelligent multicellular life, is not at all in the cards. Life is as complex as it can be and needs to be.

Viruses. As I see it, extraterrestrial viruses will not affect us. But I do plan to do things with viruses.

Parasites. I'll pass.

There is an alien pet on Alouette that is like a little peacock with the intelligence of a gerbil. More on that later. The audience does not get an explanation or back story.

There is the option of multicellular life, but it is long gone, with only fossils remaining.
There is the option of intelligent life, but it is long gone, with stone and writing/symbols remaining. Can you decipher that?

Several of the species on Earth today could be extinct.
On the other hand, some of our currently extinct animals could have been brought back into existence.

Terraforming a planet is not for me. But it is an option. It would help move things along, so the planet Lamromp and its society would work.

When I think of alien life, I'm inclined to think of marine life (because .. things are alien? a desire to be different? life started there?).

There won't be those humanoids with stuff on their face speaking English next to someone.

There could be intelligent life in the universe, but Alouette does not deal with it. Saves me from worldbuilding.

Long story short, we have UFOs, and there will be UFOs in the world of Alouette too. Emphasis on unidentified, just like today. I like that.

Zoo. What form would it take? A destination to look forward to.


These folks don't stay awake at night worrying about things.


Things You Know


United States President Donald Trump may have been a Russian agent. Or useful twit, whatever the appropriate term is.