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Winnipeg Rocks

Rocks, geocaching.

Once MTS had a treasure hunt in Winnipeg with a $1,000 prize. This was in 2002, not quite as wired as today. I trundled across town by myself on a bicycle, with no cell phone. I was medium-term unemployed at the time, an increasingly desperate situation.

So I followed the cryptic clues and what they could mean, and what was in the area. I learned something from the experience. When you have a bunch of cryptic clues you can find solutions, connections between things that have nothing to do with the real solution. I was at intersection x with the relevant street name, and there's that building that matches the clue.

I eventually found myself at one spot, where there was a little bush. I was not the only person who figured it out; there were other people around. The Desrosiers were there, the lady and her son. I probed and poked in that bush for the faux gold bar, along with other people, without success.

I later found out from Mrs. Desrosiers that they got the prize, the gold bar. My hand was inches away, but I didn't get it. I had worked alongside Mrs. Desrosiers at the same company that laid me off.


Baghdad's Little Manchester

A shindig in Baghdad for fans of soccer team Manchester United


Man builds ultra-accessable theme park

and the game equivalent

Path of Play



The Dice Tower crowd plays Deception and Murder in Hong Kong (1:45:30), another talky deduction game. It's grim. The Dice Tower people like it.


I'm in a movie mood.

We watched The Pest and The Three Amigos, both of which I've seen before. It was a chance to get a new perspective, comparing expectations with results. I've seen The Pest, and especially that beginning shower scene, many times. I always knew it is an uneven comedy with a lot of crudity and ethnic stereotypes. When the movie started I was buzzing with love for this film. As the film rolled on it was childish, rather embarassing. My friend fell asleep.

lots of pictures / a review, more pictures

The film is on a shelf of honour in my movie psyche, so when I see it's flawed, something needs to be resolved. Again.


Drive In

A film I'm fairly fond of, as you can see on the Stuff page. This blog is all about films from the 1970s. Is there anyone else who can claim to have seen The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu in the theatre?