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Games and Puzzles


Chase the Base

On a path to the Games page.

Flicking game. Rugged, small, portable, good for lockdown or sleepover. The look and physicality are attractive. Minimal tactics, not endless hours of entertainment.







Trilobe writswatch / more

French watch, works differently.


Music, film, television



I'm not done with programarama. Not at all.

Blake's 7

Doctor Who: 15 Best Standalone Episodes For Casual Fans

Yeah, this is rather dweeby, but no harm done.

A set of 20 live action spacey science fiction episodes?

Six Star Trek episodes. There are 3-5 serious Star Trek programs. I never know how Babylon 5 fits in there. Four or more Doctor Who episodes.

So what else? Space 1999 for sure. Farscape (>1 episode?). Stargate shows have their fans. I just found out Claudia Black was in that too. Firefly. The Orville. The Expanse. There are now two live action Star Wars shows. I don't know how episodic (standalone) these modern shows are, so I don't know how well they would work. Battlestar Galacticas. Blake's 7? Lexx? Does Red Dwarf belong here?


Because nobody is stopping me, I'll point out that watching a bunch of Programarama sitcom episodes would be a good thing to do when you are sick.

Would you include that Penn and Teller Fool Us show? Do you have a favoured episode?

This almost doesn't meet the criteria for programarama. It could be cut into sections and re-assembled into an episode.

Topas on Penn and Teller

a mobile German

Steely Dan - Hey Nineteen

Lyrics only. A nice, good song, but I'm not head over heels over it. Curious about the lyrics.


Language and Culture


What does "head over heels" mean?


What's the story with this "omicron" word?

It is a Greek letter. It is just written as an O.

A Linguistic Look at Omicron

The New Yorker

Pronunciation (in Greek anyway):

omicron     omega     gamma     chi

They skipped a couple of Greek letters while naming coronavirus variants.


Food and Drink (mostly drink)


What would it be like if Trips and Treats went to Denmark?

One suspects there will be pastries.




Good heavens Ms. Sakamoto.




Things rise and fall. And rise up again.


What happened to the (odd) Oak Games certification? That waxes and wanes. I could post a quick and dirty list.

That Trips and Treats arose organically. Once it's done I could just go through it again, in alphabetical order.

I gave a 75% chance of making a YouTube channel. It has dropped to 50%, really less. This different experience would be a lot of work, taking time from other things, loads of editing, technical stuff, game materials. Using other people, catching a nice outdoor shot are challenging. The humour could get me in trouble. However, pushing the other way is the fact that I know precisely what to do. There is some very funny stuff. It's .. well .. you'll see. Or not.

I'll drop that supergames page for now. I used to be obsessed with that. However, I can't really express it without a picture, which I have not made.

I want to wrap up the Omaha Beach thing. I used to be obsessed with that riddle, observing ranges between buildings downtown. I want to tinker with it now because Omaha Beach is misunderstood. It's more about mortars and artillery than facing machine guns shooting steadily right in front of your landed boat.

I was looking at posting a bunch of videos from English board game content creators, and one or two videos demonstrating regional English accents. Seems like too much work.

As stated, I gave curated newspaper comics to people for Christmas.